Father of 7 children went missing to work in Aligarh, left behind due to swollen feet | Father of 7 children went missing to work in Aligarh, left behind due to swollen feet

  • Manga Singh, a resident of village Sekhwan in Gurdaspur district, went to Aligarh to work in February.
  • Raising seven children without wife Manjit Kaur-Manga Singh is not a question

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 04:54 PM IST

Gurdaspur A laborer from village Sekhwan in Gurdaspur district went missing after being trapped in a lockdown caused by the corona virus. It is said that the man, who is the father of seven children, left from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh to come to Punjab on foot along with himself and his colleagues from the village. He refused to walk further due to swollen feet in Delhi. After waiting, everyone else has reached home with their loved ones, but no one knows about this one person.

Bhai Satnam Singh and wife Manjeet Kaur said that Manga Singh had gone to a cold store in Aligarh for wages in February along with her colleagues. There Kovid got caught in the lockdown imposed due to the 19 epidemic. After this, Manga Singh, along with fellow workers of his village, went back to his house on foot. Other workers in the village, who had reached home, told that Manga Singh had come with them to Delhi, but after coming to Delhi, his health deteriorated. His feet were swollen. He refused to walk further. After that, after leaving him there and coming forward, he waited for Manga Singh for a long time, but when he did not come, everyone returned home.

According to Manjeet Kaur, only one Sahara is Manga Singh. It is not enough for him to raise seven children without him. On the other hand, former chairman Baldev Singh Sekhwan, Naridar Singh Sekhwan and the villagers demanded from the Punjab government that Manga Singh should be searched soon and sent to the family.

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