Leopard Updates From Raisen Forest | 4 months of treatment of injured leopard in Van Vihar hospital, when he was healthy in his forest

  • There was a four-inch wound in the spine bone during the rescue. He was neither walking nor getting up
  • Deputy Director AK Jain said that this leopard was trapped in a trap laid by the poachers in the forest of Raisen.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:26 PM IST

Bhopal (Vandana Shroutiya). After being imprisoned in the cage for four months, as soon as the leopard was rescued from the Gidgarh beat of Raisen on January 18, he lifted the cage gate to leave it in the forest, he ran so fast and within a few seconds the sight of the forest workers disappeared. done. The joy of his freedom was hidden in the Leopard race. This view was of providing natural habitat to leopards in Barkheda range on Wednesday. Looking at this leopard, no one could have guessed that it was the same leopard who had four inch wound in the spine of the spine while resuscitating. He was neither walking nor getting up.

The leopard was found in the forest in an injured condition.

Wildlife doctor Atul Gupta said that it was treated for four months. It had to be treated quite differently in treating it. Being a wild animal, when a person approaches it, it breaks its teeth and nails. After taking it in the cage, he had to be treated unconsciously with great care. Van Vihar deputy director AK Jain said that the leopard was trapped in a trap laid by poachers in the forest of Raisen. Due to this, the clutch wire was stuck in its back. It was trying to get close to the village after walking several km in such a situation that it was stuck in the fangs which were brought on the outskirts of the village.

The injured tendu was unable to sit properly.

Raisen's staff first tried to evacuate him but when he did not leave, he informed Van Vihar. Van Vihar's doctor Atul Gupta reached the spot at two o'clock in the night and rescued him by fainting him in the light of trains. Gupta told that removing the leopard where it was trapped was a big task but to save his life, this task was successfully done. He said that due to stress and fatigue due to being trapped in a noose for several days, he was crushed. It was brought to Van Vihar in critical condition.

The leopard came out of the cage.
As soon as they came out of the cage, the leopard crawled into the forest.

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