Dog Hanging By Youth In Bhopal; All you Need To Know | Burdened by barking, two young men hanged dogs, died mercilessly, police searching for dog's body

  • The night police registered a case against the three accused on the complaint of the dog's owner

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:46 PM IST

Bhopal (Vandana Shruti). Till now we have heard about killing of humans due to mutual enemy, but in Bhopal, a case has come to light in which a person barked and bitten by a man, along with two other companions, tied the house to the dog. Killed him by hanging him from the stairs, hanging him in the neck. The dog's owner complained to Ratibar police station on this. Police on Wednesday registered a case of brutal behavior of a dog and threatening to kill a dog owner. The accused is currently out of the police custody. Police are searching for the body of the dog.

According to the Rathibad police station, the complainant Sunny Bendre's father Ajay Bendre had complained that his aunt's dog was killed by both the resident of Neelbad Bala Nagar, Ram Gopal and others by entering his pet dog's house. Also threatened to kill him. He told in the complaint that he studies in Bhopal. He came to Bua's house due to the lockdown. Since aunt is also locked in lock down. So he is taking care of the dog. On May 18, he left the dog home to come fresh. On this day, Ram Gopal Gurjar and his mother complained that the dog bitten Ram Gopal. He told that the dog has been injected with rabies. But after their quarrel, Ram Gopal was also injected with rabies on Tuesday. Despite this Ramgopal's family complained to the Municipal Corporation. Two employees came from there and went to get information about the dog's rabies injection.

Allegations led to the killing of a dog by entering the house with two companions

Sunny said in the complaint that he was studying at home on Tuesday, when Ram Gopal entered the house along with the other two people. The dog was tied on the second floor. He reached up and put a string of wire around the dog's neck. Opening his chain, he hung it from the stairs. They remained standing until the dog was dead. He could not save his dog because he was locked in the room, threatening to kill him. After this, with the help of neighbors, the dog's body was taken down. After a while, the accused came and took his dead body and did not know where to take it and throw it.

Dead body thrown
Rathibad police station in-charge Sudesh Tiwari says that a case of cruelty with the dog and threatening to kill the owner has been registered. There is an accused named in it, two unknown. The accused have thrown the dog's body somewhere. The investigation team is searching for him. The accused have not been arrested yet. Is absconding from home.

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