Parents suffering due to stress due to online classes, expert advice- In addition to the education of the child, pay attention to interest as well | Parents suffering due to stress due to online classes, expert advice- In addition to the education of the child, pay attention to the interest too

  • Parents know your children's skills and then put them into practice
  • Keep in mind the choice of children, help to increase their interest

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:49 PM IST

Jessica Grosse Schools are closed due to coronavirus. In such a situation, school management is resorting to online classes to continue the education of children. But with this long-standing online education, parents are also having problems.

As a parent- 'During this time we also had to face many other problems including emotional. The first bad opportunity came when I was in a video interview in the children's room and shouted at the children that I don't care as long as you stay out of this room and what will you do. '

'One more occasion came when I read that the New York City School Chancellor has said that the probability of starting school by September is 50-50. I was just trying to figure out how I would go through the school year ending in June. But now I have to admit that, even in the worst of times, I have to manage remote learning. Many parents are tired of trying to educate children from home. So I talked to a learning specialist and the head of the school. '

  • Take care of yourself with the baby

Learning specialist and parent educator Katherine Hill explains that, take some time each day to assess your feelings. Remote learning is a new thing for everyone. Seek the help of a partner or friend to find out what is and is not for you. Apart from this, you can also write notes for yourself. Kindergarten teacher Amanda Marsden said that, you want to spend time with the child too. Do not force your child to follow any difficult schedule.

  • Talk about essential skills

1- Young children need more help from parents to complete distance learning. But during this time it is not possible in many families. By the end of the school year, the child should know more about which skill, talk to the teacher in this subject. After this, apply these skills to the child's behavior.

2- Marsden gives the example of writing. Please advise the children to write any at home. Prepare children to write on different topics. Marsden suggests writing on a white board with chalk instead of computer or paper.

  • Encourage the child to learn

1- According to Marissa Porges, head of the Baldwin School, the most important thing a child can develop in the early period of his education is love for learning. So learn about your child's interest in zoom classes rather than what he likes.

2- Remember that teachers are with you at this time: Many teachers are also parents. In such a situation, talking to them about their stress can be beneficial. Marsden explains that, remember this is happening all over the world. And I remind myself that, this is not only happening to me, it is happening to everyone. He told that, teachers also miss their children. I miss my association with my children.

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