Ujjain News in Hindi: Corona will be able to win only if every person understands his responsibility. | Corona will be able to win only if every person understands his responsibility.

  • SP also put forth views in the Corona Janajagaran Gram Jansanvad in Kanad

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:50 AM IST

Shajapur. Today, not only the country, but the whole world is struggling with the Corona crisis. In such a situation, people should understand their own responsibility, because this is still a struggle, there is still a long battle ahead.
Collector Sanjay Kumar said this while addressing the senior citizens and youths at the Corona Janajagaran Gram Janswad on Tuesday at Manglik Bhawan on Mataji Road. He said the threat may increase further in June-July. This does not make you nervous, thankfully our Agar district is in the Green Zone and there is not a single patient of Corona here yet. You also cooperate, we are with you. The mass movement lasted for about one and a half hours. Addressing the new SP Rakesh Sagar here, people were asked to be careful. He said that the crisis is huge and it is possible to fight it only with the administration and your cooperation. On the occasion, senior Rajmal Soni of the city, former Agriculture Market President and Congress leader told the administration and collector that the caution and vigilance taken by the administration in the district in the hour of this crisis is a praise. The city is being sanitized by the city council. Roads are clean, gutters are being sprayed with pesticides. The works of Police Administration JS Mandloi, Sub Inspector Dilip Katara, Naib Tehsildar JP Gautam were also praised. Kanhaiyalal Parmar Advocate, Harinarayan Rathore Advocate, Syed Nasir Hussain, Isubbhai Manihar etc. also expressed their views related to Corona. Some people demanded that we be allowed to open shops, in which sweets, snacks, fruit shops should be approved. The collector said that markets are slowly opening up. Please wait a little. SDOP Jyoti Umath conducted the Corona Janajagaran Gram Jana Samvad. During this time ASP Kamal Morya was also present.

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