Ujjain news in hindi: farmers said – death saw the house | Farmers said – Death saw the house

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:48 AM IST

Shajapur. The traces of the grasshopper team which reached Susner via Rajasthan from Pakistan were seen in the fields on the second day. The elders are saying that the grasshopper team is coming to Sunsera area for the first time. According to the farmers, the leaves of the orange grass on which these locust squads were sitting have been destroyed. What will be the effect of this will be known later. Farmers are frightened by the presence of grasshopper in the area and are saying that death has seen the house.
Let us know that a large number of grasshopper teams had arrived in the surrounding area including Maina Road of the city late on Monday evening. Due to the awareness and vigilance of the farmers, the damage to the crops including vegetables and oranges in the fields could not be much damaged. 55-year-old Kalabai says that she has never seen nor heard from elders that grasshopper teams have ever come to Susner area. It is definitely heard that grasshopper teams come to Rajasthan and Gujarat and they also lick the soil along with the crop. Arjun Singh, a farmer of Gepalpura, says that a large number of grasshopper teams came to my fields on Monday evening and we were afraid for some time. Later he was driven away by playing the plate and other means. Several grasshoppers died in the escape which were found lying in the fields on the second day as well. I have an orange crop whose leaves were grasshoppers. What happens next is not known.
Ghanshyam Pushpad told that he never saw such a large number of grasshopper team. Everyone cautiously did not allow them to stay overnight or else they would have completely destroyed the vegetable planted in their fields and nearby fields.
Department asked farmers for awareness
According to Senior Agriculture Extension Officer DK Jain, to my knowledge the locust team has come for the first time in Susner area. In this regard, officers and employees working in their subordinate rural areas have been directed to make farmers aware of the rescue of grasshoppers.

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