Ujjain news in hindi: more than a kilometer long locust passed through more than 25 villages in the district | Over a kilometer long locust passed through more than 25 villages in the district

  • Vigilant farmers instead of platter, fire crackers and smoke in the field, locusts could not harm the fields

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:46 AM IST

Shajapur. The locust party came into the district on Monday evening and roamed in the district till Tuesday afternoon. But if the aware farmers were present in the fields, then the party did not get an opportunity to sit in the fields. This was the reason that grasshopper contingent could lose only a nominal amount in the district. Officials of the Revenue and Agriculture Department and scientists are camping in Barod region after making information of the locust team present near Alot on Tuesday evening and are making farmers aware.
Atmaram said smoke filled the locust team
Gudravan farmer Ashok Kumar has an orange garden. Ashok Kumar had a DJ installed in his garden. The grasshopper team passed over Ashok Kumar's orange orchard but the DJ could not sit in the field because of it. Durgesh Athedian, a resident of Nalkheda, has his farm in village Nazarkheda. Whom is looked after by a farmer named Atmaram. Atmaram told that he and my family were on the farm since morning. The fire was burning on the side of the farm. Suddenly a locust team arrived and sat in the field. Family members started playing plates and utensils. I and some other people of the village tried to spin the clothes and blow them. Meanwhile, a DJ car run by the administration arrived and the locust flew off the field. Within minutes the locusts licked the neem leaves. So damaged the corn and the vegetables in the field. Farmer Badrilal's father Bheru Lal resident Nazarkheda told that as soon as the locust started sitting in the field, we all started playing utensils. Thousands of locusts sat on the fields and trees. After flying the plate and utensils flew away after some time.
Entered into Shajapur district via Choma- Dal passed through 25 villages including Maina, Kalaria, Digon, Padana, Dhandeda, Gudravan, Nazarkheda, Bhilkhedi, Bhaisoda, Semali, Borkhedi, Gurjarkhedi, Jamuni, Paladia, Sia, Kabuli. The team entered the border of Shajapur district via Chauma Badodia in the afternoon. SDM Manish Singh said that 15 m wide and 800 m long contingent was roaming in the area. Senior agricultural scientist Dr. RPS Shaktawat and Deputy Director of Agriculture RP Kaneria says the locust team appeared more than a kilometer long.
Farmers played plate and pot while standing in the field
SDM Manish Kumar Jain had given instructions to all the Patwaris to remain alert after the locust team came to Susner. The Patwaris had informed the village through the Chowkidars. So many farmers were alerted as soon as they got the message on WhatsApp. The farmers of Nalkheda and Susner area had reached the fields since morning. Some farmers sprayed medicine on the crop, while most farmers stood in the field with a plate. Some rich farmers had DJs in the field. The same officers also arranged DJs in Nalkheda and Gudravan area. The DJ was playing songs in a loud voice and the DJ was being rotated from village to village. As soon as the locust team came, the farmers started playing the plate loudly. Many farmers started firecrackers and many farmers started burning smoke. As a result, in most of the places, the party could not make a halt.

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