Ujjain news in hindi: Kanjar camp raided in search of vehicle thieves | Kanjar camp raided in search of vehicle thieves

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:44 AM IST

Shajapur. Once again, with the incident of bike theft, the process of carrying out the crime by the anti-social elements has started. During Lockdown Part 1, three bikes were cleared by miscreants from Brajnagar Colony and two other Colony. After that in the final phase of Lock Down 3, these miscreants had their hands cleared on people's bikes in Mandi area. It is being told that a demand of Rs 13 thousand was made by the brokers of these bike thieves to return the bike to a bike owner. On Monday, the Kanjar camp in Madhopur, Dewada was raided by the police force of Mandi police station after the ongoing theft incident.
Including the police station in-charge Deepesh Vyas, Sub Inspector Mukal Yadav, SSI Chhatrasal, Sepoy Babu Panchal and some other police personnel. As soon as the police team reached the tents of these kanzars, some of them escaped from their bikes on seeing the police vehicle. Among the Kanjar dera found during this time, the police were questioned in the case of bike theft, although during this time their tents were also searched by the police but the police did not touch anything. During this, the police, while holding them responsible for the frequent incidents, said that if they continue to carry out such incidents, then the entire camp will be carried out. Regarding this, the station in-charge Vyas said that we searched the camp but no vehicle was found on it, people who had fled after seeing the police have been informed about sending the people to the police station. In the past, many types of cases have been caught by the police, and these cases have also been tried by the police.

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