Ujjain news in hindi: shopkeepers were sitting closed shop for two months, did not call the meeting to open | Shopkeepers were sitting closed shop for two months, did not call the meeting to open

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:41 AM IST

Shajapur. A meeting between police and businessmen took place at the police station on Tuesday evening. In this, the station in-charge Provision DSP Aditya Tiwari advised the traders in view of the exemption in lockdown. The station in-charge asked the traders for suggestions in the lockdown exemption, after the market opened, the traders should sanitize their customers, give goods to the customer wearing masks and take precautions such as social distancing.
The shocking thing came out in the meeting held on Tuesday. Grocery and medical traders who kept their shops open for two months in lockdown were called by the police at the meeting, which TI Tiwari gave advice on avoiding infection. According to sources, the said traders were identified by an constable of the police station. But the police did not even call the businessmen sitting in the meeting for the last two months. Electric businessman Manish Sharma and mobile businessman Ajay Kant told that those merchants who are getting exemption to open shop for two consecutive months of lockdown were called by the police but electronic, mobile, utensils, shoes, slippers and other shopkeepers who are not shops in lockdown Could not open them. Police officer-in-charge Tiwari said that he had mistakenly called some traders to the meeting. In the coming days, a meeting of all the traders will be organized to make them aware to protect them from corona infection.

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