Bhopal News In Hindi: Bahadurpur Containment Zone becomes 7 members including wife, children, brother of infected youth | Bahadurpur Containment Zone becomes 7 members including wife, children, brother of infected youth

  • The youth had returned from Indore with 7 family members, teams searching for people who came along
  • Not one of the positive patients found so far has any symptoms related to corona
  • On May 11, the young man was not having any symptoms in the investigation, positive samples came in for 5 days before rising temperature.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:37 AM IST

Ashoknagar The corona positive patient was found in the district on Tuesday for the second consecutive day due to migratory infection from Indore. As soon as the report of the person resident of Bahadurpur is found Karena positive, the teams immediately arrived and admitted the samples to the isolation ward, along with a sample of 7 positive family members. Like the patients who were found positive earlier, this time the infected person is not showing the symptoms of corona according to WHO guidelines.
Kovid 19 is also becoming the reason for the migrant infection crisis from Indore, which became the epicenter of 19 corona virus. Another example of this was found in Bahadurpur town on Tuesday. The young man, who returned to the town on May 11 along with 7 members of his family, was probed on the same day. But after increasing body temperature 3 days later, on May 14, a sample was sent to the district hospital, which was reported on Tuesday, in which the youth turned out to be corona positive. After the report came in at 10 in the morning, the CMHO informed Bahadurpur Tehsildar and the police station in-charge about the young man's infection. As soon as the information is received, the team of Health Department has reached the isolation ward after taking samples of the young man and his wife, brother-in-law and brother's three children.
Bahadurpur sealed
After the Karenna positive case came out in the town, SDM Mungaoli declared Bahadurpur area as a containment zone and the ward number 8 in the youth's house is declared a buffer zone. Barricades have been laid on all the routes of Mandi area. At the same time, the whole area was sanitized. After getting the information, the tehsildar Mahendra Kathuria and the station in-charge Narendra Singh Yadav closed the entire market at 12 noon.
Surgical apron flew into the air
Doctors arrived at the home of the infected person wearing surgical apron. When the house was in the middle of the field, the doctors wore the apron in the air and exploded. Dr. Raghuraj Singh said that all the doctors have given one PPE Kate each but due to talking to the infected person from two meters distance, it was not considered necessary to wear it.
Also non-vegetarian
All the corona positive patients who have come out in the district are non-vegetarian. Civil Surgeon Dr. Himanshu Sharma said that the person resident of Bahadurpur also had a non-party party a day earlier. Even before this, the suspected patients found are non vegetarian.
Be cautious of migrants
'There is a need to be cautious of the recent migrants from Indore. Most people are riding illegally in loading vehicles, making them more likely to spread the infection. In addition to the youth and family members, 6 people from Jhansa Khedi village who came in contact with them have also taken samples.
Dr. JR Trivedia, CMHO
The youth of the health department team got a bath, there was no symptom
So far, like the patients who have got three corona positive in the district, this time also no symptoms of corona were found in the youth. As soon as the information reached his house, Principal constable Ramakrishna Raghuvanshi told that the young man was taking a bath in the courtyard and he said that he did not show any symptoms related to Corona.
Team gathered information after reaching
Shortly after receiving the information, Dr. Bahadurpur from the Primary Health Center Raghuraj Singh Rajput, Dr. Summary Dixit, Dr. Raghavendra Kaushik and BPM Dhan Singh Rawat reached the young man's house and searched his entire travel and contract history. Shortly thereafter, CMHO Dr. JR Trivedia, BMO Dr. YS Tomar, epidemiologist Deepak Sisodia and lab technician Sudesh Raghuvanshi arrived with a team of specialist doctors.
6 people of Jhansakheri village along with family of infected person are also among those who isolate
On finding the contract and travel history of the youth, it was learned that along with 7 family members, 6 people from Jhansa Khedi village and one person from Bahadurpur village also came. After this, 13 people who came in direct contact with the youth were sampled in Bahadurpur.

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