Ratlam News in Hindi: Locusts measure 11 villages of Alot, officers flee 45 kilometers, relief after going to Ujjain | Locusts measure 11 villages of Alot, officers flee 45 kilometers, relief after going to Ujjain

  • The team and the farmers kept running with the fire, tractor, drum, utensil and speaker without silencer
  • 27 years ago sprayed by helicopter in Sailana

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:36 AM IST

Javra. After 27 years in the district, the locust contingent attacked Daebara on Tuesday. Lakhs of locusts entered Madhya Pradesh via Neemuch, Mandsaur via Pakistan from Rajasthan and entered the district from village Barkhedakalan on the banks of Chambal river at 1 pm. In three hours, these numerous locusts measured 11 villages in an area of ​​more than 45 kilometers. Farmers ran from farms, farms, utensils, loudspeakers without silencers to run away from agriculture, revenue, police, panchayat officers and employees. There was partial loss at some places, but due to the alert of the villagers and the administration, they could not last long. The administration breathed a sigh of relief as soon as it entered Ujjain district from Jhutavad at 4 pm. According to Agriculture Deputy Director GS Mohania, there was a grasshopper attack in the Sailana block in September 1993 and he was killed by spraying medicine by helicopter while staying the night. This time they crossed the border of the district before dusk and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At 12 noon on Tuesday, the locust was about to enter Javra from Asavati and Kachanara area, so the administration got alerted here and the whole team reached Asavati with fire brigade. However, with the trend of wind, it reached Barkhedakalan through Sitamau tehsil area while passing through the river greenery and from there entered the Alot border. As soon as the villagers informed the entry of the grasshopper team at 1 pm on the control room, Agriculture Sub-Director GS Mohania, Agriculture SDO NK Chari, SADO DS Tomar and Senior Scientist Dr. Sarvesh Tripathi of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Kalukheda form four different teams reached Alot. And after chasing locusts, the villagers were made aware to drive them away. Alot SDM Chander Singh Solanki alerted the revenue and panchayat staff and SDOP DR Male was also preparing at his level. Since locusts make a permanent halt only at night, all these officers, employees and villagers keep pushing them forward during the day. A central team led by senior scientist Dr. Omprakash Chaudhary also monitored the movement of locusts.

Locust party arrived here, not much damage, entered orange field in Alot
Agriculture Deputy Director Mohania told that through Barkhedakalan, Karadia, Piplya Sisodia, Kelukheda, Narayani, Maukhedi, Hingdi, Richha, Napakheda, Patan, Talod entered Jhutavad in Ujjain district at 4 pm. SADO Tomar told that the locust team tried to encamp in the 15 hectare orange orchard of Rameshwar Sharma located on Javra road near Alot but opened the tractor silencer and rode it to the field. In Cachalia, Shankarlal attacked Dhakad's sesame crop and sprayed medicine.

Locusts split officers more by grouping
After Karadia, the grasshopper group was divided into three groups. When it reached different villages, the teams also had to divide the groups and keep vigil. Some places could not reach on time through the raw paths, but the farmers present on the farms drove the locusts away. The grasshopper is actually a group-flying kite that destroys crops and green leaves.

At 4.15 pm from the Allot block, the locust entered the village Jhutavad in Ujjain. From here, Mahidpur proceeded to Hingoria via Jharda, Kantharia. It will stay near this at night. The central party followed. Wherever there will be halt, there will be insecticide spray between 3 to 4 am. Those who survive after death, if they go ahead on Wednesday morning, they will keep watch over them.

In Mahidpur Jharda, Jhutavad of Mahidpur area, grasshoppers licked vegetables as well as fodder, leaves of peepal trees. Panchayat head Kishan Singh Tanwar told that he lured them with loud speakers and utensils. Tehsildar RK Guha said the teams are under watch. District Panchayat member Mansingh Sisodia said that all the leaves of some peepal tree were licked. There is loss in vegetables.

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