Ratlam News in Hindi: 3 members of his family, including city qazi, positive, large number of people feared coming into contact with them | 3 members of his family, including city qazi, positive, large number of people feared coming into contact with them

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:36 AM IST

Mandsaur The risk of corona continues to increase in the city. After Jeevaganj, now 3 members of the family, including Shaharkaji, have turned positive in Kazichowk. The administration is busy in extracting their contact history. The quarantine work is expected to continue by gathering information of the people who come in contact till Wednesday afternoon. Among the 13 new positives on Tuesday, a pregnant woman from Malhargarh region is also there.

Till now, the infected were leaving only from Gudri and adjoining containment areas. In view of this, the administration also opened markets. Now new patients have been found from Kazichouk and Gondi Chowk. It includes the city Qazi and his two brothers. The city Qazi's mother died 3 days ago on the night of 16 May. After this, the administration took samples of the city qazi and their families for vigilance. However, reports of women in his house have come negative.

The risk of infection appears to be spreading due to getting corona infected outside Gudri as markets have also been open for the last several days. It is feared that many people may have come in contact with Qazi Chak's contagions. If this happens, the city of Kareena may explode. However, the administration is still busy preparing the list of people exposed to them. According to information received from the Health Department, 4 from Gendi Chowk, 3 from Qazi Chowk, 5 from Gudri and one woman from Malhargarh came positive.

Sixth death due to corona in the district
One person was killed during treatment at the Quarantine Center on Monday morning. The sample of the suspect was sent for investigation only on 16 May. He was found positive on Tuesday's report. In this way, there has been a sixth death in the district from Corona.

Indore referred to a person due to difficulty in breathing
Here, two days ago, a person from Gudri area was sent to the quarantine center after having vomiting and diarrhea problem. The sample was sent by the Health Department on 17 May when Corona was suspended. On quarantine, doctors were treating the suspect but on Tuesday he had a problem. When the person started having problems in breathing, the Health Department referred him to Indore.

9 as the new infected Gudri area
The case of Karona positive in Gudri region does not seem to stop. In the report that came on Tuesday, about 9 people are being told of Gudri area. Even before this, positive cases are coming out from Gudri itself. In view of the situation, the police-administration also started police patrolling in the area from Tuesday. The administration started patrolling the police personnel by wearing PPE kits in the containment area.

Mandsaur, a positive woman came to deliver
Confrontation. In the report on Tuesday, Malhargarh village Banskhedi, a woman has also turned out to be Corona positive. According to the information, the female Mandsaur was referred for delivery 8 days ago in Banskhedi of Narayangarh police station area. The woman also had a child here. The woman was referred to Indore due to poor health. Still admitted there. Malhargarh SDM Bihari Singh, SDOP Abhishek Tiwari, Naib Tehsildar Savita Rathore, District CEO VS Masram reached the village with the team as soon as its positive report came. The process of creating a containment area with sanitized area started at 8 pm.

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