Ratlam News in Hindi: Patients are not able to go to other cities in lockdown, Neemuch will now have dialysis in three shifts | Patients are not able to go to other cities in lockdown, Neemuch will now have dialysis in three shifts

  • Dialysis unit proving to be a lifeline for patients, staff paying 15 hours duty

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:36 AM IST

Neemuch. The dialysis unit at the district hospital is becoming a boon for patients. Corona is a lockdown to protect against infection. No one is allowed to go out. In such a situation, patients who need dialysis are also unable to find other hospitals. In view of this, the health department has started running the unit of the district hospital in three shifts. Now 6 patients are getting benefit from this in a day. Only the first 4 were undergoing dialysis. Waiting has also been reduced by this arrangement. With the shift increasing, the duty time of technicians and nursing staff has also increased. To serve the patients, they are giving 15 hours duty like the Corona warrior.
Patients suffering from other diseases are also in crisis due to corona crisis. The private hospital is almost closed. Treatment of patients is possible only in government hospitals. The dialysis unit at the district hospital is running continuously. Due to the lockdown, the waiting list of patients was going above 30. In order to reduce the waiting list and provide treatment to more and more patients, the Health Department has started taking patients in three shifts. There are two machines in the unit, dialysis of two patients in one shift. Now, due to three shifts, 6 patients will get facility in a day. Prabhuraj Parmar is the only technician to operate the machine. Who is originally a resident of Ratlam. They serve the unit from 8 am to 9 pm.

This is three shift time Dialysis of patients is done in three shifts in the district hospital. In this, the first shift is running from 8.30 am to 1 am, second shift from 2 pm to 5.30 pm and now the third shift is from 6 to 9 pm. After three shifts, the waiting list has come down to 17.

Currently moving to other cities due to corona infection is not less of a danger
Ravindra Sharma, a resident of the clock tower area of ​​the city, said that earlier he used to go to Indore for dialysis. But due to corona infection there are no conditions. Going on medical grounds is not less of a danger. In such a situation, the administration has increased the shift in the district hospital itself. Now dialysis facility is available here. Ashok Jain, a resident of Bhagwanpura, told that he was Chittorgarh who is now receiving treatment here.

Staff working as corona warriors
Many people from different areas including the city are coming to the district hospital for dialysis. In his service, the entire team is working here like the Corona Warrior. Some are leaving their young children and some leave the family in other cities and are engaged in saving lives in times of Corona crisis by giving duty here for several hours continuously. Technician Prabhuraj Parmar has not been to Ratlam's house for two months. Where he has 2 and 5 year old children including his wife. Those who miss only make video calls.

First investigation due to Corona
The first body temperature and oxygen level of patients coming for dialysis is being checked in OPD. After this, before coming to the unit, his hands are taken on dialysis by sanitizing and applying mask on the mouth. There is no treatment without investigation.

Many people will get benefit if 6 machines increase
There is enough space to install 6 beds and machines in the district hospital's dialysis unit ward. Currently, work is going on only with the help of a machine and a technician. If donors and administration want this facility can increase here.

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