Ujjain News in Hindi: Farmers upset due to lack of gunny bags at procurement centers, storage houses are overflowing, now they will take private space | Farmers upset due to lack of gunny bags at procurement centers, storage houses are overflowing, now they will take private space

  • 2 lakh 10 thousand ton wheat procurement target met in the season one month ago, procurement is high, hence shortage of gunny bags

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:35 AM IST

Shajapur. Farmers are getting upset due to lack of gunny bags at all the centers built for wheat procurement at support price. The storage sites have also been completely filled, so now the administration has started preparations to authorize the private sites as the place of harvesting is over. Wheat is being procured at a total of 8 centers around Shujalpur. A total of 45 centers have been built in the entire Shujalpur section. So far, 14 lakh quintal wheat has been procured in Shujalpur section. To save transportation expenses, this time the produce was purchased by making the storage sites only purchase centers. Even now farmers are coming here in large numbers regularly.
It is known that the farmer is getting upset due to the end of the tare for the last 3 days. Due to the absence of gunny bags in the scorching sun, the farmers, who are worried about waiting for the weighing, cannot even get cold water to drink. Farmers arrived at the three agricultural centers of Jamner and Mohammad Kheda, Marketing Society Shujalpur, along with the produce, near Satnam Ware House on Ashta Marg. Troubled by the lack of tare in the scorching sun, Ramsingh said that if there was not enough tare, farmers did not have to be called. On the other hand, the slow work of transportation has also created the problem of securing the produce being purchased after the storage site is filled.
And the arrival of wheat will increase
In Shujalpur, the same purchase is expected to be done in the future, with this value, SDM Prakash Town along with SDM Prakash Town, Manoj Shukla of Food Supply Department, Suryavanshi of Supply Corporation responsible for storage, and others are expected to do so. Inspected local soybean plant, agricultural produce market shed and Jatashankar's day shelter building shed. SDM town said that oral instructions have been given to vacate and clean the selected sites and the wheat purchased from the farmers will be stored after the acquired process. At present, wheat is being transported from Shujalpur to the warehouse for Maksi.
In this regard, DMO Praveen Raghuvanshi said that the systems are constantly being improved by reviewing them. The target was to procure 2 lakh 10 thousand tonnes of wheat in the entire season, which has already been completed. Due to high production and the closure of mandis, the pressure on the centers came more due to full pressure coming to the support price center, so there is a shortage of gunny bags. Everyday three truck bags are coming, all of which are sending to the center.

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