Ujjain News in Hindi: Society will not wear new clothes and shoes on Eid to avoid infection | Society decides not to wear new clothes and shoes on Eid to avoid infection

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:34 AM IST

Shajapur. Muslim Samajan will celebrate Eid with simplicity this time to prevent the spread of Corona infection. The Samajjan has decided that they will not wear new clothes, shoes etc. on the Eid during the Pak month of Ramadan. This information was given by Shahkazi Ehsanullah on Tuesday in a meeting of representatives of Muslim society with police and district administration. He informed that all the senior citizens of the society were also made aware. He said that we have to avoid infection and people should also be saved. The guide line decided by the state government and district administration will be followed. A large number of social workers and officials were present in the meeting, including Babu Khan Kharkhare, Ibrahim Khan, Rahmatullah.
Good judgment of society
Collector Dr. Virendra Singh Rawat said that the Muslim society has given a commendable message in view of the corona infection. All the people should follow social distancing to prevent the spread of infection together. Celebrate Eid festival at home. You may not be able to embrace this festival, but everyone stays together at heart. As the spread of infection is spreading in the surrounding districts, if all gather in one place in the name of festival, then there can be a serious risk of spreading the infection and our hard work will be lost.
SP Pankaj Srivastava said that some leeway is being given to increase economic activity, it does not mean that the virus has given any exemption. How much to save oneself is up to ourselves. It is important that the market does not increase when the market opens. The risk of infection will be highest for the shopkeeper due to increasing congestion at the shops. If the shopkeeper is infected, it will be difficult to count how many people will spread the infection.
Request to be restrained, will follow the guide line
Keep a few days of restraint and celebrate the festival of Eid at home. Naeem Qureshi said that before this meeting, representatives of the Muslim society have agreed to the proposal by taking a digital meeting that the district administration will not be put in a dilemma regarding Eid. All people will follow whatever guide line is set to be free from Corona.

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