Hoshangabad news in Hindi: Fierce movement, broken down due to overcrowding, administration becomes tough | Fierce movement, broken crowd due to overcrowding, administration became tough

  • Jam in the tight streets market, broken the racial distance
  • Collector said – Merchants will be responsible for violations

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:30 AM IST

Harda. 55 days after getting the green signal to open the market, there was a lot of movement in the market from morning to 7 pm on Tuesday, including Ghantaghar Main Market, textile, utensils and bullion market. After a long time, opening of all kinds of shops in the market will bring huge crowd. This led to many jam in the narrow streets. Due to shops being installed on the road and strict encroachment, they had to get close to each other. Despite the rake, the municipal and private complexes were also open on the first day.

The administration has also increased the vigil along with giving discounts in the market. The officer's team is constantly monitoring the market. At the same time, the administration has given a clear warning to the shopkeepers that if there is any violation of the particular distance at any shop during inspection, the concerned shop will be closed. That is, now the administration has strictly stated that it is the responsibility of the shopkeeper that they have to do business and it will be their responsibility to follow the particular distance on their own shops.

This is the option
It is natural to get crowded at the shops as the market opens after 55 days. People from the nearby villages are also coming to buy goods by bike, car, tractor trolley. Heavy vehicles such as tractors are passing through the clock tower market. Earlier the movement of heavy vehicles was stopped from morning to evening. If you make the parking of vehicles compulsory in front of Narmadi Dharamshala, Ganesh Chak, Jatraparadav, Bada Mandir, there will be space left in the market. Rack should be done even when you are carrying a bike in the narrow streets.

This is the solution
Encroachment was a big problem even before. Then Nappa, with the help of the administration, advised the handlers to run the business in the city by hawking. Do not disturb the traffic system of the city by standing permanently at one place. Due to political patronage, the streets have now been lost in encroachment.

Open complex, no monitoring done
Shops in NAPA and private complex are close to each other. Due to this, they are still rake at opening. On Tuesday, the Kisan Complex, Vardan Complex, Annapurna Complex, the complex built above the clock tower, the complex above Rajnanda Jewelers remained completely open. Those who did not take any action, at the same time, the medical staff closed the officers at 7 pm.

Parking lot shops
The streets of Clock tower Main Market are narrow. NAPA has already laid a line for parking on the road leading from Sarafa Gali to the old vegetable market. On the right side of them, the shops of fruits, vegetables, paan, spices, readymade garments, knives and household items sit in front of the shops. In this way, people park the bike on the leg raid. Going from here to the old vegetable market is a compulsion to get close to each other.

Cloth crowd in cloth, utensil market
After 55 days, the market was crowded as soon as the market opened. Cloth and utensil and Patwa market was the biggest crowd on Tuesday. The streets of the textile market are tight. There is bike parking between them. Those who come to the textile shop park their bikes here. Laageen says that clothes cannot be tested properly from a distance of 2 meters, due to which one has to go to the counter.

Anurag Verma, Collector, Harda said – rules will be closed
Special distance will have to be maintained by the shopkeepers themselves. The shop where the violation will be found will immediately close the shop. The complex will not open. Tomorrow, send the team and show it.

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