Hoshangabad News in Hindi: Even after buying two and a half lakh liters of water, drinking water coming in the tap on the fourth day, the system is deteriorating rapidly, people are getting angry | Even after buying two and a half lakh liters of water, drinking water coming in the tap on the fourth day, the system is deteriorating rapidly, people are getting angry

  • Tender, one week before the water supply in 36 wards, the largest municipality in the district, officials have not received any complaint

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:30 AM IST

Multai The water supply system in the city has deteriorated for the last one week. Water is coming in the taps after a gap of four days. To improve the system, the municipality is buying 2.5 lakh liters of water every day. But the system was not improving. The water level of the tubewells of the municipality is decreasing. At the same time, the electricity company is repairing the pre-monsoon lines. This has affected the water supply system. Till now, water was being supplied in a span of two days. Now the situation is getting worse. NAPA has to buy water from private tankers. Right now the municipality is purchasing 50 tanker water with a capacity of 5000 liters daily. But the situation is not improving. Deputy Minister Ritesh Yadav said that the supply system has deteriorated due to the shutdown of electricity and the low level of tubewells. It will improve in three to four days.
8 of the 32 municipal tubewells have dried up. 12 tubewells giving one inch of water. They are getting 4 lakh liters of water. The farmers of Sandia are giving 11 lakh liters of water daily to the municipality from their tubewells.

Water supply is also being done from tankers
The municipality near Idgah Tekdi on the other side of the railway station is delivering water from tankers. Two tankers of water are being given daily. Apart from this, water has to be stored and supplied from tankers of the municipality to the tanks made in the wards. 18 tanker water is being stored daily in the civil tank. Apart from this, 8 tankers of water are being stored and supplied in stitches located in Ramnagar. Ambedkar ward, Bhagat Singh ward, Patel ward pump number two and Nehru ward have to supply water from private tankers.

Municipality in search of new water sources
Assistant engineer RC Gawade said that water will be brought from the well located in the submerged Chandora dam. The pipeline is laid from the well located in the submergence area to the pump house at village Sandia. Apart from this, farmers whose fields have water in tubewells are also being contacted.

Sarni: NAPA is supplying water from 20 tankers in 36 wards, 2 tanker water in 8 wards in a ward
The municipality is distributing water from 20 tankers in 36 wards of the area. But the councilors say that the water department of NAPA is adopting a full-fledged approach in water distribution. The problem of water on these days remains in 36 wards of Sarni region. Water distribution is being done on rent along with 4 big and 3 small tankers of NAPA. NAPA says water is being supplied on demand of councilors in all wards.
At the same time, the councilors say that the officials are doing talamtoli. According to the information, the private distribution company has given a tender of 25 to 30 lakhs. Despite this, there remains water problem in the wards. CMO CK Meshram told that the system of distribution of water in the city has been made better. We have not had any complaints about water. In the city, 55 water tanks of 5 thousand liters have been installed. Regular water is also being supplied from these tanks.

More water problem in these wards
Councilor Ajay Sakhare of Slum Ward 30, says that it is the most densely populated. There are more than 500 slums. Here only 3 tankers i.e. 9 thousand liters of water are being given. In 40 to 50 houses, only 120 liters of water per family ends up being given. There are more than 400 slums in Ward 31. There are also 3 to 4 tanker water being provided. In Ward 32, no work is going on with 3 tankers. Councilor Praveen Suryavanshi of Ward 33 told that there are more than 300 huts in the ward, but only 1 tanker of water is being provided. Whereas 8 to 10 tanker water is being supplied daily in Ward 36. Councilors in charge of water service in S.P. Sarni area wards Complained to Bhorpi. On this, he said that arrangements are being made. Water is being transported in wards on the orders of the officers.

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