Hoshangabad news in Hindi: one year old child in six new positives in district, curfew like ban in Sobhapur and Katia Koyaliari | One year old child in six new positives in district, curfew like ban in Sobhapur and Katia Koyaliari

  • Shobhapur's family returned from Mumbai with Corona patients from Tara village, 8 active cases

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:29 AM IST

Betul People who have returned to Mumbai from tiffin business have increased the risk of corona in Betul district. After confirming that Shobhapur and Katia Koyaliari villages are 6 positive, the administration on Tuesday declared Shobhapur and Katia Koyaliari villages as containment areas and closed barricades and streets along the village. 30 samples have been sent on Tuesday.

The infected patients have been admitted to the corona care center in Ghondongri, while the others who have come to their contact have been kept in a school in Ghodongri. At the same time, buffer zones have been created for Chargaon, Village Ratanpur, Juwadi, Hirawadi, Mehakar and Churi villages.

1 year old child included
The infected also include the couple from Shobhapur and their 1-year-old child. Another person of the village is also positive. At the same time, two other corona of Katia Koyaliari are infected. There have been 9 cases of Karena in the district. 8 of these are active. A positive buffalo young man has recovered.

Crisis escalated: Number of Corona positive people increasing in the district due to people coming from Mumbai
Four people in the list of baby feeders

The Health Department has also made a list of those who adopted a 1-year-old corona-infected child. The names of four people from the village who have had the love for the child in their arms have been revealed, they are being quarantined and sampled.

Tiffin has been doing business in Mumbai for 25 years
A villager from Mumbai village of Katia Koyalari went to Mumbai. He used to work in tiffin and catering there. After this, many people of the village were added. About 20 people from the village are involved in this business. Everyone started doing business independently, but now due to business collapse, Betul had to return.

65 report came negative, 6 cases corona positive, 30 new samples sent
The process of both taking samples of the Health Department and reporting has been expedited. On Tuesday, the report of 65 samples came together negatively, while 6 samples turned positive. On Tuesday, 30 new samples have also been sent by Health staff to Regional Virology Lab Bhopal AIIMS. CMHO Dr. GC Chaurasia said 30 new samples have been sent. On Tuesday, 6 reports have been corona positive.

All these people returned from Mumbai with Karona positive of Tara village
All the six people found positive had recently returned from Mumbai to Scooty along with the people of Tara village. When two people from Tara village were found to be infected, their history was removed, with the people of Shobhapur and Katia Koyalari coming from Mumbai. After this, samples of 26 people were taken. Now it has been revealed that they are infected when the report comes.

GC Chaurasia, CMHO, Betul said – coming in contact with samples
4 people from Sobhapur and two from Katia Koyaliari have been found corona infected. One year old child of Shobhapur is also infected. Her parents are also infected, the child was adopted by 4 people from the village. Samples are being investigated.

Harsimran Kaur, SDM, Shahpur said – will arrange to deliver the material to the house
Containment area has been set up in both Shobhapur and Katia Koyaliari villages after finding 6 Corona infected patients. Barricades have been closed for entry. There will be complete ban on entry into and out of container areas. Arrangements will be made to deliver goods to homes.

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