Hoshangabad News in Hindi: Garbage reduced in the city due to lockdown, roads are also visible | Garbage reduced in the city due to lockdown, roads are also visible

  • Garbage is now reaching 35 tonnes instead of 50 tonnes in trenching ground

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:29 AM IST

Heshangabad Grocery shops, milk dairy and vegetable shops in the city have been exempted after the lockdown. However these shops are also allowed to open for a limited time only. Also there are orders to keep other shops completely closed. This has resulted in garbage collection. About 15 tonnes of garbage has been reduced from the city. Which used to come out of the market everyday. The benefit of this is now that all the roads in Sethanighat and the main market are clearly visible. At the same time, people are throwing very little waste in public places. With this, about 35 tonnes of garbage is now reaching the place of 50 tonnes on the trenching ground.

Speaking of normal days, about 50 tonnes of garbage is released from the city every day. This waste was able to lift only 32 to 35 tons from the city. Due to this, the waste was spread in the city due to the waste discharging about ten tons. Now this waste has decreased in the last 50 days. The shops are completely closed due to the lockdown in the market. Due to this, the garbage of the shops is no longer coming out. Apart from this, people are also not going out for shopping. Due to this, unnecessary cartoons, polythene is not reaching homes. This has also led to a reduction in waste. The advantage of this is showing complete cleanliness on all major roads and intersections of the city. In this regard, Sanitation in-charge Sunil Tiwari says that there has been a reduction in the waste coming out of the city. Special attention is being paid to the cleaning system.

Relief for night sweepers
All kinds of shops including the main market are closed during the lock down. Shops of grocery, milk and vegetables are opening. It is also in limited areas. In such a situation, the cleaners deployed on duty to clean the main market at night time have got a lot of relief.

Less waste coming out of people's homes
People are leaving less homes due to the lockdown. In such a situation, unnecessary polythene and other garbage from the market is not able to reach the houses due to taking the bag from home. This is also reducing the garbage in garbage vehicles.

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