Indore News In Hindi: As the night deepens, the land becomes a bed and the bed sheet | As the night deepens, the land becomes a bed and the bed sheet

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:27 AM IST

Indore. It is almost 12 o'clock in the night … I am returning towards Indore from MP-Maharashtra border ahead of Sendhwa. Bijasan had climbed the ghat that many motorcycles, auto-rickshaws were seen standing among the bushes on the bumpy ground along the road. The view was shocking when stopped. Many women, children were sleeping soundly on the ground. They had only small pots. She became his head. We were just taking a photo of him that a group of bicycles also arrived. Imagine how tired it was, think about this, that before we left, 10-12 cycles had become his head and laying the ground. The painful story of the workers' journey to go home is going on like this.
Roja breaking in the journey …

The night has passed more than half. We are also hungry. Stop at the petrol pump and eat food. Our water stock was over. The pump staff quenched our thirst. Hundreds of people crowded on another dhaba. There are enthusiastic volunteer waiters and a ground dining table. Most are going to West Bengal and UP. A trucker has taken two to three lakh rupees to deliver home. They are getting food after hours. Many people are sitting in a circle. Now consider it to break the fast or before the sun goes out….
Autorickshaw bedroom

He proceeded after dealing with the jam of the toll plaza. Around 2 pm around Dhamnod. Slightly down the road, some autos were parked. Approximately 600 kilometers were measured in two days.
These autos become the bedrooms of the riders at night. Another small girl in deep sleep on the back seat of the auto, ie mother bed on 'double bed' and luxury 'single bed' on the front seat. Another person wrapped the next wheel, the 'outhouse' of the auto. Looking at the responsibility it seems that perhaps the head of the family will be.
Music service along with food service

After crossing the ghat, he had come a little ahead of Sendhwa, that at one place, the gathering of songs was seen under the tent. Crowds lined up next to the line. Local social worker Pawan Aggarwal's team was distributing food even on such a night. Sendhwa Ti Vinay Arya is also giving instructions for social distancing and the process of singing is also on. The song is playing, it is not your home, not the village, the world is….
Indore arrives, vehicles rush like …
It's 3 o'clock in the night Spent half an hour at every toll on the way. The journey from Maharashtra to Indore is about 200 km. The chain of vehicles did not break anywhere. Just like it started 8-10 days ago. National Highway-3, which was almost deserted till two days ago, is definitely increasing the number of vehicles leaving the workers from UP Bihar and coming back on it. Probably thousands of such stories of grief, suffering, helplessness, pain and death to be taken from Gujarat-Maharashtra to UP Bihar.

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