Ujjain News in Hindi: Arrangement of deteriorated procurement centers as soon as the message is started to big farmers | Arrangement of deteriorated procurement centers as soon as the message is started to big farmers

  • Each farmer is bringing wheat in 4-5 trolleys, not weighing till late night, situation of dispute is becoming

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:27 AM IST

Shajapur. The system of procurement centers has collapsed as soon as we started sending messages to big farmers for the purchase of wheat at the support price. Farmers coming here have to sell wheat for more than 100 quintals. In such a situation, a farmer has started bringing wheat in 4-5 trolleys. As a result, even after being weighed till late at night, the wheat of the farmers called here could not be weighed.
The reason is facing difficulties farmers. After getting the message, even after reaching here, they do not get the token even after waiting in queue of tractor in the sun for the whole day. Tractor queues continued in front of most centers on Tuesday. When they did not get the token at night, the farmers started to get angry. However, as per the purchase, if the token is given to them, the farmers are adamant on weighing it at night. For this reason the token is not being given. They are given tokens in the morning according to the queue.
During the line of tractors that are about one to two km away from the procurement centers, some farmers are also coming who want to put their tractors in the middle. Due to this, situations of dispute have started in front of the procurement centers.
Farmers' problem: night stay, tractor rentals also outnumber

  • Rahul, who brought a wheat trolley from Ala Umrod, told that he reached the center from 5 o'clock on Monday morning to sell his grandfather's wheat. Brought a tractor on rent. 500 rupees on the first day now every day
  • 250 rupees rent will have to be paid. The number did not arrive until the evening.
  • Arvind Mandloi, a resident of Lahori, arrived at the center on Beerchha Road after filling wheat in his wheat 6 tractor. Of these, 1 tractor was his, while 5 tractors have been rented. Arrived here since Monday morning. If the number does not come, we have to stop here at night after ordering food from home. The village's Harisingh, Manoj, Gajendra, Ramswaroop, Rambabu, Gokulsingh all sleep separately to monitor different tractors.
  • Durgesh Patidar, a resident of Dharkheri, told that five tractors have arrived after filling wheat with wheat at 6 pm on Monday. The token was also not found on Tuesday. The fare is being charged as per 50 rupees quintal. 7 laborers have also been brought along to evacuate wheat. Their wages have to be paid 250 rupees per day. Have brought three house trolleys and 5 from rent.
  • Bearkheda resident Hokamsingh also reached Shajapur on Monday morning at 7 am after filling wheat in 4 tractors. All tractors are rented. They have to pay the rent of Rs 500 per tractor every day.

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