Ujjain News in Hindi: The villagers did not do much damage due to the empty field, the villagers played utensils, throwing water from the fire brigade in the city | The villagers did not do much harm due to the empty field, the villagers played utensils, throwing water from the fire brigade in the city

  • Locusts flew by fire from the water showers, grasshoppers appeared on the streets, locusts strayed from spraying

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:19 AM IST

Shajapur. After damaging crops in Rajasthan, the locust team attacked Agar via Shajapur on Tuesday. The good thing is that locusts could not stay here for long after seeing the fields lying vacant due to the harvesting of wheat from the fields. However, locusts targeted fruit farms in the surrounding 14 villages adjoining the city. The villagers fought back and ran away with the locust party, playing pots and smoking near the fields. The locust party escaping from the villages reached the city. Here they were chased away by blowing water fountains from the fire brigade.
It is known that these grasshopper groups from Nalkheda through Mohan Badodia area reported the attack of locusts in Baihera, Gopipur, Loharwas, Satgaon, Bijana, Bajjahera, Jayara, Lodakheri, Hirpur Teka, Khedi, Laxmankhedi, Chhapeda, Banakheri, Dillodri etc. Started coming at one o'clock in the afternoon. Farmers here fought these locusts vigorously. Sitaram Patidar of village Hirpur told that the farmers of his entire village reached their respective fields and made a loud noise by playing plate dishes. Some started to smoke. This led to a locust of locusts. Here, there was chaos in the urban area due to millions of insects flying. SDM and administrative officials took stock of the situation. The people of the Haat Maidan were frightened to see the locusts. The Hariom here said. Did not understand earlier, when we came down, we found out the locust party.
Locust party attack in city in 15 years
This was the first incident in 15 years of locust attack in an urban area. Till now, we have been hearing such news only in the area bordering Rajasthan. When the locust swarmed in the city, there was chaos. The SDM immediately reached the Haat Maidan and sprayed the locusts by spraying water with the fire brigade. After this the locusts wandered from the herd. Some flew towards Berchha, some flew towards the Mata Temple, Gandhi Hall and ITI.
Farmers be aware, locust teams make noise as soon as they see
Scientist SS Gharkad of Girwar Krishi Vigyan Kendra informed that soon after getting information about the arrival of locusts in Agar, the farmers in their area also became aware. The most effective way to control locusts is to make noise near the fields where they are gathered. This will cause locusts to fly. Inform the district administration as soon as the information of locusts arrives in rural areas.
The grasshopper team was described by the scientists as a stray party, even then their number was so high that their shadow started appearing on the road while flying. Mohit Rathore, standing on AB Road, said that at first he did not understand what this activity was looking like on the road, but when the sight went up, the whole sky was filled with locusts.

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