Indore News in Hindi: Approval of real sector work in 29 villages, projects worth 1500 crores will start | Approval of real sector work in 29 villages, 1500 crore projects to be started

  • Liquor shops will also be opened in rural areas and 29 villages
  • There will be buy and sell of immovable properties and the government will also get revenue.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:18 AM IST

Indore. District administration has started making concessions in Lockdown 4.0. A guideline was released on Tuesday on many things. Under this, approval was given to start a closed real estate project. Apart from this, sanction was also given to open liquor shops in 29 villages and urban areas of the district. The shops can be opened from 7 am to 7 pm from Wednesday. The shop will not have more than 5 customers at a time. Earlier, Collector Manish Singh, after discussions with MP Shankar Lalwani and CREDAI officials, decided to start real estate related projects in 29 villages. More than 200 projects worth 1500 crores will be started from Wednesday itself. This will help more than six thousand people.

The meeting also talked about starting the registration office, which will buy and sell immovable properties and the government will also get revenue, on which the collector said that by issuing guidelines for this, offices of the marked place will be started. In the meeting held at the Residency, Collector Manish Singh, along with Credi President Naveen Mehta, Chairman Liladhar Maheshwari, Secretary Vijay Gandhi as well as Atul Jhanwar, Ashish Goyal, Nirmal Aggarwal, Neeraj Sachdev, Sandeep Srivastava and others. Everyone said that the way the industries are being approved, similarly the real sector should also be found. This will provide employment and the government will also get revenue. Also, cement, rebia, etc. sectors will also be started. With this project, the government will also get a GST of 130 crore and about 270 crore from their registration.

  • The Prevention of Corruption Rules issued by CREDAI Delhi will be followed.
  • Except the 29 villages covered in the urban border, only projects (five thousand square feet and above) within the city will be able to do the work where basements etc. are dug and there is a possibility of watering in the rain, credit will be given to the administration by making a list of such works. And then considering this, the approval will be issued separately
  • Except 29 villages, other private projects in the urban border will remain closed, only those will be started whose approval will be issued by the Collector.
  • For 29 village projects, the project operators will issue certificates to their employees on their letter paid, which will be like a curfew pass.

Guidelines will be released for banks, ten customers will be called every day
The district administration, which is slowly moving towards opening the lockdown, has now prepared to open the banking sector as well. In a meeting held with the bank management on Tuesday, it was decided that the administration will issue the guidelines and the bank will be able to call ten customers every day and conduct the transaction. This number can be increased to 50 when it settles. This will not burden banks and work will also be started. According to the collector, banks have also said that they should increase the mobile unit, so that people can get banking facility closer.

Conditional Permission for Trade in Cantonment Market
Conditional permission has been issued to start business in the Cantonment Grain Market. According to the guideline, the merchant will be responsible for purchasing the goods through the deal sheet and bringing it from their home. Unloading and grading will be done at the godowns in the tax paid goods market of Kherchi and wholesalers. The arrival of goods can be done in the market from 8 am to 6 pm.
Home delivery of snacks and sweets also approved
The district administration has issued conditional approval of haem deliveries to 20 institutions on the demand of sweet-saline vendor association. These institutions will not be able to open shops and outlets. All these will be cleared for work at the construction site and clearance passes with two to three loading vehicles will be issued by ADM. Apart from this, the administration has also approved eight agency for home delivery of eggs, chicken.

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