Ujjain News in Hindi: Locust party attacked in Ujjain, Agar, Susner | Locust party attacked in Ujjain, Agar, Susner

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:17 AM IST

Shajapur. The locust team attacked Susannar in Agar district from Rajasthan at six o'clock on Monday evening. On the attack of grasshopper in the fields, people had to drive them by playing plates. Farmers were driven away by grasshopper attacks in a field of orange trees and vegetables. Just how much damage has not been done. Locusts attacked Gudravan village in Nalkheda town of Agar district on Tuesday. At half past six in the morning, the farmers flew them from the field. after this
Locusts attacked Baroda and nearby 15 to 20 villages. Farmers and the administration tried to drive them away by playing DJ. The locust team entered Shajapur district in the afternoon. In the urban area, NAPA attempted to exorcise the fire brigade, smoke. Locusts roamed in 1012 villages here. At the same time grasshopper attacked in Jhutavad near Mahidpur road in Ujjain district. The locust attacked Malikhedi. Locust teams were also seen in them. The Department of Agriculture informed them about the rescue.
Finish surrounded by locusts at 4 in the morning
According to Ujjain KVK senior scientist RP Sharma, there is a plan to eliminate the locust in Ujjain. Teams from the Department of Agriculture, DDA, Fire Brigade and Delhi will spray pesticide on them between Meen and Ramahera of Ghatia at 4 am. Along with this team, Sanjay Raghuvanshi, Secretary, Agricultural Input Vendors Association, will also be present at night. According to Sharma, the British team also attacked Jagoti, Chitia, Hingodi, Melania. For the first time, he has seen such an attack, in the day itself, there were teams of locusts like dark black clouds.

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