Hoshangabad News in Hindi: Nattis will give 15 families living on the land of 30 years of possession of 6.43 acres of NAPA, Fencing made | Nattis will provide 15 families living on the land of 30 years of NAPA, Fencing, held on 6.43 acres of land

  • Now the transition to Kerena, then where will we rain

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 06:08 AM IST

Harda. NAPA has taken back the land on lease of Narmada Ginning Factory for 30 years. There are about 15 families living on this land right now. NAPA has warned to remove them. Tuesday's NAPA has made wire fencing here. At the same time, the compulsion of the Majdurae is that due to Karena infection, work is still closed. Where is it going to rain?

On Tuesday, Napa laid a lime line based on the demarcation of 6.43 acres. The staff of the NAPA laid a pit and wire fencing here. So that no one can come. CMO GK Yadav reached the families living here. Told them the whole matter. Also asked to vacate this land, so that NAPA can do fencing there. Laborers Ram Singh, Maehan, Sunil said that the infection of Karena is going on. His family does not have work. In such a situation, there are already filling up the stomach. It is rainy season in front. They are living here for years. Now for 5 consecutive days, pressure is being made on them to vacate this place. In such a situation, where will they go with the children and goods.

The workers kept this demand: Majduran said that the NCP and Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel are talking about making the Prime Minister's residence here for the poor. In such a situation, when such landless poor poor like this have to settle on this land and also give them a lease, so that they can have a roof over their heads too. In this regard, CMO GK Yadav said that according to the rules, these families have been warned. Will give Natis if needed. Just like senior officials and government directives will work.

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