Sagar News in Hindi: SDM seized Murram's dumper at 12 pm, owner showed ballast ETP after 2 hours | SDM seized Murram's dumper at 12 pm, owner showed ballast ETP after 2 hours

  • SDM said – will conduct an investigation with the Department of Minerals

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:59 AM IST

Windows. Royalty for ballast transport from a crusher was issued after two hours of the number of the same dumper who was caught illegally transporting Murram. In such a situation, there is a big flaw in online royalty during illegal transportation of mineral accessory from dumpers. Because the dumper the SDM seized with Murram at 12 o'clock, the dumper owner went to the show with a 1.45 pm ballast royalty of the same dumper.

On Tuesday, SDM VP Yadav caught the dumper on Kudawa Road and made him stand in his custody. Naib Tehsildar Kuldeep Singh along with SDM also investigated the dumper. The dumper was transported to Muram, but the driver could not tell the royalty. The SDM prepared the panchnama from Patwari Avinash Bhardwaj. Action to seize dumper no. MP 47G 6645. Driver Mansaram's father Revaram Nayak resident Gambhir told SDM that the dumper belongs to Mukesh's father Lakshminarayan Malviya of Khirkiya. The SDM then summoned the owner with the documents. The owner said to provide the royalty related documents. The SDM waited for two hours. The owner then went to show the royalty of transporting ballast from a crusher of Khirkiya. There was acceptance of royalty to transport ballast in the afternoon, while the process of confiscating dumper was already done at 12 noon. The royalty was released at 1.45 pm. SDM has asked to investigate the matter with the Department of Minerals, so that the royalty related matter can be disclosed. Also, notice will be given to the crusher operator asking for a reply.

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