Ujjain news in hindi: asked for 500 packet ration for each ward | Asked for 500 packet ration for each ward

  • Some wards where 500 to thousand families are poor, 60 packets are still available

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:28 AM IST

Ujjain By collecting arrangements from donors, state government and municipal corporation, 60 packet dry ration material kits in every ward have been declared by the Leader of Opposition Rajendra Vasistha as cumin in the camel's mouth. According to Vashistha, most of the wards in the city are where 500 to 1000 families reside in the poor section. In such a situation, the Municipal Corporation should deliver at least 500 dry ration kits. Out of the 54 wards of the city, more than 20 wards are such that there are extremely poor settlements. Dry ration kits should also be increased based on the number of actual poor. The central government has given crores of rupees as relief, it can also be used for poor families.
Leader of Opposition Vashistha urged the corporator that it is necessary to provide dry ration to such laborers who do not even have ration card of poverty line. Due to not getting dry rations, many such families, who are daily wage laborers, do business by hand, are living by eating rice only. Ordinary ration card holders should also be given control material. In view of the corona transition, activities should be conducted at the zone level for all the works related to the works of the municipal corporation.
Many areas where sanitization has not happened yet
To prevent the epidemic, sanitization should be done for all wards every 3 days, which is not happening. There are still many areas in the city where sanitization could not take place. Along with this, Collector Ashish Singh requested to provide orders for sending the goods received from the state government and the remaining material received from donors.

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