Ujjain News in Hindi: Purchased silos closed, angry farmers sat at the center gate | Purchased silos closed, angry farmers sat at the center gate

  • Officials said – the capacity was full, the storage is complete

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:27 AM IST

Ujjain The storage capacity of silo, the largest wheat procurement center at the support price, is complete. Before this, a large number of farmers reached the center with a tractor-trolley. In the afternoon, the farmers sat in front of the center gate. There was a dispute about this matter till 12 noon on Tuesday night. The capacity of Silo Manpur is 50 thousand tons. Wheat procurement started here from April 22 this season. According to the center in-charge Harshit Dubey, he explained to the farmers that the capacity was full. We cannot take more wheat than that.
Now these centers will be purchased
Seva Co-operative Society Naugawan No.-1,2 Maruti Ware House Kanipura Ujjain Warehouse Level, Marketing Cooperative Society Ujjain Oilseed Association S.-1, 2 Maruti Warehouse Kanipura Ujjain Warehouse Level, Sewa Cooperative Society Tajpur-Annapurna Ware House Campus Vijayganj Mandi, Seva Cooperative Society Akasoda – Hamirkhedi, Service Cooperative Society Gondia-Gangedi, Service Cooperative Society Sodang-Sodang, Seva Cooperative Society Rattadia Siloda- Raatariya, Service Cooperative Society Karohan-Karohan, District Wholesale Consumer Cooperative Store Ujjain – Mangalmurti Godown Complex Undasa Committee Level Purchases have been set up. Preparations for purchase by SMS will be completed from May 19 to May 19.
Share purchase issues with
Ravindra Sengar Junior Supply Officer, mobile number-8391454809 and VG Vyas Senior Cooperative Inspector, mobile number 9425094412, have been made nodal officers to monitor the procurement from the remaining farmers at the procurement centers, to solve the problem on the spot.
Here 24-hour ultimatum weighing of wheat does not begin, movement across the district
Regarding the farmers sitting on silos waiting for the weighing of wheat, the District Congress has warned the district administration that if the weighing of the farmers' wheat does not start within 24 hours, agitations will be organized across the district. District Congress Committee President Kamal Patel said that there is no gunny on wheat weighing centers and silos, in which case the wheat of the farmers is not being weighed. He has demanded the district administration to arrange immediate gunny bags.
Neither drinking water arrangements nor food at weighing centers
Patel said – Farmers across the district are facing many problems due to lockdown. In such a situation, due to lack of gunny bags at wheat weighing centers, wheat is not being procured for the last 4 to 5 days. Farmers are engaged in lines at a temperature of 40 degrees, the same weighing centers have neither drinking water nor food. The farmer has been waiting for the turn of his wheat-hungry thirst for four to five days. The District Congress Committee has warned that if the weighing of the wheat of the farmers is not started by arranging gunny bags in 24 hours, then there will be agitations across the district with the farmers.

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