Bhopal News In Hindi: Corona Package… 10 lakh traders will become entrepreneurs | Corona Package… 10 lakh traders will become entrepreneurs

  • Hotel-restaurant operators, automobile dealers and wholesalers are all eligible

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:21 AM IST

Bhopal. Large-scale merchants with services such as hotels, catering and transportation are registering with MSMEs to take advantage of the relief package given to the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the corona virus. In its guidelines announced in 2017, the government had considered many new sectors within the ambit of MSME. Especially the service related industries, but seeing no significant benefit, the traders associated with this sector had not taken registration of MSME till now, but now automobile dealers and wholesalers are also registering with MSME.

According to the official definition, about 10 lakh traders in the state are eligible to take registration of MSMEs. In the coming days, in the relief package of the government, people are increasingly registering with MSMEs to take advantage of facilities like loans without guarantee. Bhopal Tax Law Bar Association President S Krishnan says that traders providing services and goods to the government sector and big companies have the advantage of registering MSMEs. No payment will be held for more than 45 days. Because on stopping payments beyond this period, large companies and the government have to pay the interest to MSMEs.
These trades are eligible to go to MSME
Forestry and harvesting, fisheries and fisheries, repairing of vehicles and their wholesale and retail business, wholesale and retail trade of other commodities, poultry, bee and silkworm rearing, irrigation equipment, harvesting of agricultural produce, filtering and packing, cotton Cleaning, preparation of tobacco leaves and seed treatment.

  • There are 11 lakh MSMEs in the state right now, after increasing 10 lakh, the number will be 21 lakh.
  • There are 40 thousand merchants, demanding the status of MSME to more than 4 million turnover of CAT.

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