Ujjain News in Hindi: Separated polythene from homes, block-pavers made from building materials, gave Ujjain three star status | Separated polythene from homes, block-pavers made from building materials, gave Ujjain three star status

  • Union Housing and Urban Ministry released rating
  • Points obtained from banning polythene

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:19 AM IST

Ujjain Plastic Waste Management, Hanging Gardens, C&D Plant, Zero West Ward and ODF Double Plus have given the city three star status in the Swachh Survekshan 2020 Star Rating. We were also on the same page in the 2019 survey. In one year, apart from the wet waste drained from the waste from the city houses, they also tried to separate polythene. In addition, the city banned polyethylene of less than 20 microns standard. The Union Housing and Urban Ministry on Tuesday released a star rating under the Swachh Survekshan 2020. Ujjain and Bhopal have got three star rating. The star rating includes 18 cities in the state, with Indore being the only one out of 5 stars. Apart from this, 10 cities have got place in Three Star and 7 cities in One Star. This is the second time for star rating after the launch of Swachh Survekshan. The city has achieved the status of Three Star for the second time in a row.

Backward raking from carved roads due to sewerage
Due to sewerage work, the roads of the colonies were dug up with the new city. This is the reason why we got a three star despite the claim of our five star. Still glad that we did not move forward or at least did not go back. Meena Jonwal, Mayor
Competition was stiff, the shortcomings will be overcome
This time the competition was more in the Swachh Survekshan. Many cities could not even save their previous ratings. We will get the work done in the places in the city that need beautification. Where there are deficiencies, they will be overcome.
Rishi Garg, Commissioner Municipal Corporation: 5 attempts that led to the Three Star again
1 Plastic waste management: Under the plastic waste management in 54 wards, door to door waste collection vehicle was given to separate wet, dry garbage with polythene. The effect was that residents made manure in the houses with wet waste.
2 Hanging Gardens: In order to beautify the city, under the Harifataka Bridge, the Hanging Garden was built in the municipal headquarters, Grand Hotel complex, which also increased beauty with cleanliness. Growing in less space and less water, these plants helped raise the city's rating.
3 C&D Plant: The C&D plant on MR-5 built block-pavers from debris from old houses in the city. These were used at the places in the city which were to be worked by the corporation. This also led to the use of old materials.
4 Zero West Ward: Wards from where dry waste along with wet waste is not taken. It started with Ward 36. Corporation Deputy Commissioner Yogendra Patel claims that zero percent is coming out of 90 percent of the houses there. Later Ward 47 was also included.
5 ODF Double Plus: A central government team came in December to see if the city met the standards of open defecation free city. He gave the city an ODF double plus status after survey at various locations.
The city got 100 out of 100 marks in nine categories
Ujjain has received three stars for the second consecutive time in the Star Rating for Swachh Survekshan. Although Ujjain was prepared for Five Star but five cities including Indore were given this status. When Bhaskar analyzed the entire result, it was found that we got 93, 75.5 and 65 percent marks in the three categories of mandatory, necessary and desired tasks for the result. This time, we will have to work harder mainly on users' charges recovery, polythene ban, C&D collection, litter bin, cleaning in public places and making dry garbage useful as these numbers are cut at these points. However we got 100 out of 100 marks in nine categories. These include door-to-door garbage collection, garbage segregation, composting from wet waste, composting from dry waste, fines, waste water use, storage bin, making garbage waste useful and cleaning drains.
Made art from junk, did street plays
120 days cleanliness drive
10 lakh rupees spent on cleanliness
2550 sweepers posted
201 tons of waste every day
35 tons of manure is being made from waste
90 door to door garbage collection vehicles are running in the city
1 qu Incense sticks are being made with flowers
A team of 155 people downloaded the app
25 thousand people down load sanitation app
10 rallies, meetings of the corporation
Staged street plays in 20 places in the city
Make colorful paintings on 60 walls
Get 25 pieces of junk made art
5 shortcomings that could not get 5 stars
1 sewerage work: Most of the roads in half the city were carved out due to the ongoing work of a project to prevent the dirty water coming out of the houses into the Shipra. At the same time, clean survey was also done, due to which the feedback was not good.
2 Commissioner's change: Three commissioners in the municipal corporation changed in a year amid the preparations for the clean survey. After Pratibha Pal's transfer, Kshitij Singhal was put in charge. Rishi Garg then took over, which affected the system.
Opening of 3 drains: The city has 27 major drains, which are mostly open from the place. In such a situation, when the members of the team who came for the clean survey came to take feedback from the people, they said that there is no cleanliness.
4 Awareness reduction: The municipal corporation made residents aware of two other support agencies. Despite this, there were many places where the team could not reach, as a result of which the residents could not know it.
5 neutralize polyethylene: The corporation claimed a ban on polythene but it was ineffective. The use of polythene from the main markets of the city to the shops in the colonies was neither stopped nor decreased.

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