Bhopal News In Hindi: truck crushes father with only son, bike reduced to five km | Truck crushes father with only son, bike reduced to five km

  • Tuesday evening incident near eleven mile toll block
  • Truck was going from Bilaspur through coal to Mandsaur via Bhopal

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:13 AM IST

Bhopal. On the eleven-mile bypass, a speeding truck filled with coal trampled the father and son of the bike. To avoid the accident, the driver increased the speed and the bike got stuck in its front part. Five km away, the driver separated the bike from the truck with the help of his helper and both escaped. On the information of Katara Hills Police, 25 km away, Dry Sevenia Police stopped during the check. From here also, after breaking the siege, both trucks moved forward. Police then chased the two and seized the truck. At the time of the accident, the father and son were going into kinship to get wheat.
According to the Katara Hills Police, at around 5.15 pm on Tuesday evening, this tragic incident happened to 40-year-old Gopilal Chaudhary, resident of Simrai, Gauharganj. He worked in a courier company. He is in-laws in Rapadia in Katara Hills. According to TI Purnendra Singh, Gopilal was coming with his 20-year-old only son Sumit to his in-laws to get wheat. While turning from the Rapadia joint, the speeding truck coming from behind hit their bike. The collision was so fast that the wheels of the truck passed over the father-son, but the bike got stuck in the front section. In the accident, the father and son died on the spot. Gopilal's bike went crashing while the driver accelerated to escape. About five km away, the driver separated the bike from the truck with the help of a helper and proceeded. Sumit was the only son of the house. She has three sisters.
25 km away police stopped driver broke siege
TI said that as soon as the accident was known, calls were made on the wireless set based on the truck's number. A police checking point was located in the dry Sewania police station area, 25 km from the scene. SI Baljit Singh stopped the truck here. The driver increased the speed again before the staff pulled both of them down from the truck. The SI chased them for about five km and detained them. Truck driver Amritlal Giri was going from Bilaspur to Mandsaur after filling coal. He has told in interrogation that when he turned the truck to the left on the Rapadia joint, the father-son bike was not seen and the accident happened.

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