Hoshangabad News in Hindi: The farmers created a ruckus when they refused to use wheat in the saws in the center for the purchase of silos. | The farmers created a ruckus when they refused to use wheat in the saws, buying center

  • Memorandum given to the Tehsildar in the name of the Collector for weighing wheat

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:08 AM IST

Makhannagar. The farmers created a ruckus when the committee operator refused to buy wheat on Tuesday in Sailo Procurement Center, Aari. Farmer leader Keshav Sahu submitted the application through Tehsildar to the Collector through WhatsApp. In this, farmers have been demanded to buy wheat. The farmers say that when the message came to us, we were busy sowing moong crops, now when we came to Tulane, the committee director says that weeding has stopped. On the other hand, Supervisor Basant Dixit says that the orders of the senior officer are that the farmers with the message before May 11 should no longer be weighed.

Committee manager should focus on wheat transport: Tehsildar
Sivanimalava Naib Tehsildar Mahima Mishra inspected the procurement centers at Soyat, Harpalpur, Bhiladia, Chautalai. At all the centers, they bought and took information from the committee managers of wheat transport to carry it to the warehouse. He instructed all the managing committee managers to focus their attention on transportation itself, to keep the arrangements in place, to make all the security arrangements in view of the coming season. He said that everyone should follow the lockdown. Provide safety measures to the farmers and laborers coming to the market. Revenue staff was present during this time.

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