Hoshangabad News in Hindi: People treated to quarantine center are getting food and tea and snacks, are also teaching yoga | People admitted to quarantine center are getting food and tea and snacks, are also teaching yoga

  • Family environment given for the convenience of the people admitted in the center

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:06 AM IST

Papyria. Four quarantine centers have been built in which 140 women-men have been quarantined. They also include children. All quarantine centers are served both at tiffin and tea breakfast time. Along with yoga training, family atmosphere is being given to people living here by showing patriotic films from time to time. There is an exemption for calling food from home and family members can meet at a safe distance.

SDM Madan Singh Raghuvanshi said that 60 people are admitted in the Quarantine Center at the Bersheva School. A total of 140 people have been placed in quarantine, including 20 in the hostel center on Jamara Road, 20 in the hostel in Bijnwara and 40 in the two hostels behind the RNA school. At the same time, yoga is being taught daily in the Bersheva School. School teachers Devesh Tomar and Rashmi Tiwari are teaching yoga to the people admitted there. Keshav Godani Pipariya, admitted to Quarantine Center Jamara Road, said that all have been accommodated in separate rooms in the center. Rohit Kumar Sandia Road, admitted in the center, said that breakfast and food are served at both the times and there is an effort to provide a family atmosphere.

Recruitment to 48 Lag Quarantine Center in Makhannagar, attention being given
Three quarantine centers have been built in the city. 48 people have been admitted in it. Arrangements are being made by 21 staff teams under the supervision of Tehsildar. People's health is being checked twice daily by doctors. At the same time, tea, breakfast, food are being made available to the admitted people. Carrom has also been arranged to entertain the admitted people.

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