Gwalior news in Hindi: Tarpaul made to buy labor families forced to live under open sky in Dhengda | Tarpaulin made to buy labor families forced to live under open sky in Dhengda

  • Gosevak and Child Line members helped

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Sheepur On Tuesday, Gossevak and Child Line team members provided tarpaulas to cover the heads of 8 tribal laborer families living on the roadside near Dhangada Pulia in the city. These youths bought foil tarpaulin on their behalf and went to the camp and provided it to the needy families.
For several days, eight families of tribal laborers were living near Dhangda Pulia by constructing encampment of old sackcloth and ball. The children and women of these families living in the scorching sun in the heat meditate in the sun all day. These people also started worrying about getting wet in bed to cover themselves with rain. When the Gosevaks arrived at Dhengda township on Monday evening, these laborers heard their agony crying. He said that he does not even have money to eat. It is not possible to buy tarpaulin and bat from the market due to not getting hard labor for two months. The monsoon season is also near. When it rains, their belongings will get wet, how will they put their children to sleep. Gosevaks told this to their friends of Child. All together collected three thousand rupees on Tuesday. In this, some policemen also gave financial help. They bought tarpaulin and bamboo ball from the market and took it to Dhengan. This tarpaulin and bullies were distributed to all 8 families. With this, they started stretching their broken thatch. Raghavendra Pratap Singh Kushwaha said that the face of the laborers' families blossomed happily when the thatch was prepared.

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