Ratlam News in Hindi: After Garhot-Bhanpura, grasshopper attack in villages of Malhargarh and Sitamau, spread over 5 km area | After Garoth-Bhanpura, grasshopper attack in villages of Malhargarh and Sitamau, spread over 5 km area

  • Central locust control team, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Agriculture Department and District Administration jointly take action

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mandsaur The administration in Malhargarh area warned all the villagers not to allow the locust party to stop in their village in the morning. Take necessary measures for this. Also, water tankers, sprayed tankers and tractors were arranged at the gram panchayat level. Tehsildar Preeti Bhise said that after the attack of a locust in the Garoth-Bhanpura area on Monday, the three town panchayats of Tehsil Pipaliamandi, Malhargarh, Naraingarh were also kept alert along with fire brigade and tractor with sanitizer machine and spray. On Monday evening, as soon as the locust of the locust was reported to come in the village of Sankalad, Ranaira, Jharda, Takhatpur, Sindpan. It spread over an area of ​​about 5 km. The survey was done with the entire team immediately. As soon as the stay was reported in Takhatpur, 3 fire brigades, 10 tractors, 6 sanitizer machines, 5 tankers were immediately called from village Takhatpur from nearby villages and nagar panchayats. The team became active in the village Takhatpur from 7 pm.

Along with this, agricultural scientists from Mandsaur and locust control teams from Central reached village Takhatpur with necessary resources. Agricultural scientist Dr. GS Chundavat started spraying locusts for control from 12 o'clock in the night and the central team started the operation from 4 o'clock in the morning. The mortality rate of the locust has been satisfactory as a result of awareness. Due to immediate action with the awareness of the rural public, agricultural scientist and central locust control team, the said campaign was successful in Tehsil Malhargarh. Satisfaction was expressed by the agricultural scientist and public representative rural people. In view of the harmful effects of the chemical, the rural people have been instructed not to come to the area, not to feed the cattle and not to use the vegetable fruit feed of the area.

Village Abakhedi firefighter sprayed medicines
The locust team landed in village Abakhedi of Nahargarh Gram Panchayat in Sitamau tehsil, which the administration team rushed to the spot to drive away. Here the team tried to drive the locusts from Monday night to Tuesday morning. The firefighter sprayed the medicine and the locust team was driven away by playing DJ, dhol. Tehsildars Mukesh Soni, Sanjeev Malaviya, Sarpanch Brajraj Singh Mandloi and others were present.

All villages of Tehsil on alert for control
Tehsildar Bhise said that in view of the present circumstances, all the villages of Malhargarh Tehsil have been alerted so that the locust teams cannot stop in any village. In all the villages, loud sound is being generated by the annunciation system in bands, dhols, tache and temples. Apart from this, arrangements have been made at twice the level to deal with locust teams so that any emergency arrangements can be dealt with promptly. The locust team has left from Takhatpura towards Nahargarh and Sonagara.

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