Gwalior News in Hindi: Sir, you are removing the hostility of which birth, how long the wife and children will be hungry in the house | Sir, you are removing the hostility of which birth, how long will the wife and children be hungry in the house

  • Hair craftsmen from across the district submitted a memorandum to the deputy collector

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Shivpuri. Our parliamentary constituency folds. Salon shops are open there. Why not in Shivpuri. When cutting shops can open in Guna, then give us an opportunity to open shops too. What a mess the administration of the poor has done to us. Bibi children are family at home, after all how to take care of them. On this matter, hairstyle craftsmen from all over the district gathered at the collectorate on Tuesday and said to Deputy Collector Ankur Gupta that in response, we said that we will forward the application to the Collector Madam, in response, the hairstyle artificer said that what a revenge of birth you are, sir Open shops
Earlier also during lockdown 3, the hairstyle workers had protested by applying. Now in lockdown-4 when all the shops opened. So shops of this weaker section of society are still closed. For the last 2 months, there are bread and butter in the house. How to raise children. If we do not hear, then it is the excess of administration with the Sen society across the district. So, open our shops without delay. As per the order of the Chief Minister, permission has been given to open shops in the Green Zone within the time limit, but the district administration has not given permission to open shops of cutting and saloon. Due to which serious problems of livelihood have arisen in front of people running and working on cutting shops. Most of the people running the cutting and saloon shops are poor, most of them have rented shops. The administration has given permission to open a cutting and saloon shop in Guna located in the Green Zone based on certain terms and conditions. Similarly, also allow hairstylists of Shivpuri district.

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