Gwalior News in Hindi: In Bhind, Morena and Datia, 90% of the corona infections found in Gujarat came from Maharashtra or Delhi, yet those coming from these states are not strictly | In Bhind, Morena and Datia, 90% of the corona infected in 10 days came from Gujarat, Maharashtra or Delhi, yet those coming from these states are not strictly

  • In 40 patients from these states, 95% do not have corona symptoms, while the health department and administration wait for the symptoms for sampling
  • Screening only in the name of surveillance on the border, later when it is known that they are positive, by then many people have been infected.
  • Retired doctors of Health Department said – Take samples of all the people returned from outside and all should be quarantined till the report comes.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Datia Of the 6 districts of Gwalior-Chambal region, Bhind and Datia districts did not have a single corona infected patient till May 7. The patients of Shivpuri and Sheopur had already recovered and went home. Only in Gwalior and Morena districts were Corona infected patients but during this period laborers and others from other states continued to come.
Mainly, Bhind, Morena and Datia districts had more number of people coming from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi. 94 percent of the patients received in the last 10 days are people who came from these three states. The remaining 6 percent of patients also have travel history in other states. That is, the infection is spreading in these districts due to those coming from outside. Despite this, the district administration is not able to tighten surveillance of people coming from outside. Many such people are reaching home without screening. When a travel history is found with a positive patient, his sample is taken, but by then he has spread the infection to many people.
35 corona-infected patients were found in Bhind, Morena and Datia districts in 10 days from 8 to 17 May. Of these 21 patients have come from Gujarat, 4 patients from Maharashtra and 5 from Delhi. It is clear that in these districts, corona infection is spreading due to people from outside. Even after this, the administration is not conducting sampling of all the people coming from these states. These migrants are screened upon arrival in the district. Institutional quarantine is done when symptoms occur, otherwise home quarantine is explained and sent home. Many people are reaching home directly from other routes. The biggest thing is that the continuation of the arrival of people from these states is going on continuously, even then, vigilance is not being done under their supervision.
Bhind: First patient on May 8, after this, 25 consecutive patients were found, all came from outside
The first patient was found on 8 May in Bhind district. Since then, 25 patients have been found so far. The special thing is that 14 of these patients have come from Ahmedabad or Surat in Gujarat or their relatives. 7 of the remaining 11 patients have returned from Delhi and Maharashtra. The remaining 4 patients have also come from other states.
Morena: 16 patients found in last 10 days, 15 of them came from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi
So far, 39 patients have been found in Morena district. 14 of them were young men from Dubai and their relatives. Apart from this, a total of 16 patients have been found in 10 days from May 8 to May 17, out of which 12 patients have come from Gujarat itself. Three patients have returned from Maharashtra and Delhi.
Datia: On May 14, 4 patients received for the first time, three of them returned from Ahmedabad, one from Mumbai
On May 14, Corona virus knocked in Datia and four infected patients were found. Three of them returned from Ahmedabad in Gujarat and one from Mumbai. Although the patient returned from Mumbai did not come to Datia, he stayed with his aunt at Gutier in Gwalior.
Bhaskar big question
95% of patients do not have corona symptoms, then why take symptomatic basis in a sample?
The district administration claims that screening of people coming from outside is being done at the border itself. Samples are being taken at screening for symptoms, but the fact is that 95% of the corona infected patients found so far are those with no symptoms. If there are no symptoms, then the question is why the symptom is being considered as the basis for the sample. Why are samples of people coming from outside not being taken? The situation is that on an average, 30 to 40 samples are being taken daily even after continuous patient is found in Bhind. Similarly, on an average 33 samples are being taken daily in Morena while hundreds of laborers are coming to these districts everyday.
Barber and Chaat Pakodi-Samaus shops will also open from today
According to Collector Rohit Singh, the entire market will be open in Lok Down-4 from May 7 to 7 pm everyday. In the new order, the barber shop will be opened with chaat pakode-samosas and hand carts. Masks and social distances have to be taken care of. Restaurant kitchens will also open but home delivery will have to be done.

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