Jabalpur News in Hindi: Markets will not open, only residential area shops will be allowed to be opened, hope to get some more concessions from today | Markets will not open, only residential area shops will be allowed to be allowed, hope to get some more concessions from today

  • The proposal will be sent to the government for other permission by the administration

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Jabalpur. With the introduction of Lockdown 4, the status quo of the market opening still remains. Jabalpur district has been kept in the Red Zone in the government's guide line. Constant churning is being done by Collector Bharat Yadav about what will open and what will not open. The collector said that Jabalpur is in the Red Zone, so markets will not open, but in residential areas, shops can be opened in colonies and neighborhoods. He said that curfew will remain from 7 pm to 7 am, all activities will be banned in it. The collector said that there would be no activities in the container area and its adjoining wards, nor would shops be opened. The administration will send proposals to the government to open the shops and markets of the city. The final decision will be taken only after acceptance of this proposal. The collector informed that they will make some more concessions on Wednesday.
Guidelines did not come, shops and car show rooms opened
Two days have passed since the fourth phase of the lockdown started, but the administration has not yet decided its guideline which shops to open in the city and which shops are to be closed. This is the reason why people are leaving their houses in a cool manner and are crowding. So many vehicles are moving in the markets that a situation of jam is being created. The police are having difficulties handling the crowd. On the other side, show rooms of clothes including utensils, utensils, glasses, computers have been opened. With no guidelines for shopkeepers, all have opened their shops. Due to the opening of shops, people have also started shopping out of fear of Corona virus. During this time, most of the people also appear in such markets who are standing by crowds and they do not even have masks on their faces. If the situation remains the same, then entire markets and shops will open in the city and then there will be trouble in closing them again.
Penalty will be imposed for not applying mask: The collector said that people will be fined without moving masks. Now masks will be kept in shops. Shopkeepers will give masks for Rs 10 to those who do not apply masks. Shops that do not follow social distancing will be sealed. He said that those who do home delivery will be encouraged. They have already given permission for home delivery of many items.
12 active containment zones in the district: A total of 12 containment zones are operational in the district. These include Sarafa, Chandni Chowk, Narmada Nagar (Gohalpur), APR Colony Bilhari, Village Darauli Khurd Sihora, Sarvodaya Nagar, Nai Basti (Badi Omti), Azad Chowk, Saifnagar, Raddi Chowki, Nagina Mosque and Sindhi Camp. At the same time, due to no new case of corona infection from the last 21 days, the government well, Ghampur area has been freed from the containment zone.
Starting today, the grain market will also be bid: Representative, Jabalpur. The grain business will also start in the agricultural produce market from Wednesday. For this, market administration has given conditional permission, under which traders and farmers have to follow social distancing. Vehicles coming to the farmers' produce will be given entry into the mandi premises till 10 am. At the same time, only two people will be able to enter a vehicle except the driver. Within the premises, wheat will be sold on auction-trolley. Apart from this, entry of farmers above 65 years of age and children below 10 years has been banned in the campus. Due to the lockdown in the city, the grain business in the Mandi complex was closed from 21 March itself. Jabalpur Grain and Oilseeds Merchants Association Secretary Ritesh Aggarwal said that traders will follow social distancing during business.

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