Jabalpur News in Hindi: Considering running special train for Bihar-UP | Considering running special train for Bihar-UP

  • Special trains will be coming continuously on 22nd special train will come from Coimbatore

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Jabalpur. Special trains can be run from Jabalpur to reach the trapped laborers of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to their homes trapped in Jabalpur and nearby districts. Senior officials of the state government are in constant touch with the PMRE officials. On Monday, a labor special was run from Jabalpur to Seemarhi in Bihar, leaving around 1400 passengers to Bihar but more than one and a half thousand passengers are still contacting the district administration to visit their hometown. After completing the number of passengers going to UP- Bihar, the Shramik Special train can be run soon. Senior DCM Coaching Manoj Kumar Gupta said that a Shramik Express is starting from Coimbatore to Rewa on Wednesday. This is the first train to Rewa from South India. It also has laborers from Jabalpur.
Shramik Express arrives from Vijayawada and Pune
Shramik Express trains are continuously arriving at Jabalpur railway station to reach the trapped workers in various states of the country to their hometown. On Tuesday, the arrival of Shramik Special train from Vijayawada to Jabalpur in Andhra Pradesh, South India, reached Jabalpur via Bina, Sagar. Around 1200 passengers from Jabalpur and surrounding districts landed at the main railway station in the train. Who were employed in Andhra Pradesh. During the day, Shramik Express trains going to Kolhapur, Surat, Bandra, Madgaon, Amritsar, Gandhigram passed through the main railway station. Senior DCM Basant Kumar Sharma said that about 15,000 passengers of these trains were provided with food and water. At around 8.30 pm, the Shramik Express train from Pune to Rewa arrived at the main railway station.

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