Jabalpur News in Hindi: City proved to be a failure in star rating, no star could be found | City proved to be a failure in star rating, no star could be found

  • Central government released list of garbage free cities, Bhopal and Ujjain also got only 3 stars

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Jabalpur. The Union Housing and Urban Ministry on Tuesday released a list of garbage-free cities, called star ratings. Jabalpur has no name in this rating. The city applied for a 5 star rating this time but no star was found. Last year, the corporation applied for 7 stars, when 2 stars were found. Cities like Indore have also been able to get a 5 star rating while Bhopal and Ujjain had to be satisfied with a 3 star rating. In this case, Jabalpur has proved to be a fraud.
The municipal corporation hoped to get at least a 3-star rating. Corporation officials say that a lot of hard work was done for this and the resources that should be available for a garbage free city are also in the city. Such as waste to energy plant, CND plant etc. Cities that are rated neither have energy plants nor any other type of plant. The result of the corporation also shows the landfill site, whereas now there is no need to dump the landfill site i.e. the waste because the entire waste is burnt in the power plant. There has been a mistake somewhere.
Cleanliness survey will be affected. The reduction in the star rating number will affect the ranking of the Chief Sanitation Survey. Star rating numbers will not be available at all, due to which all the hopes of coming to number one in the state have just ended. Thousands of numbers were directly at the star rating. Due to lack of rating, everything has gone awry.
Meditation in singing The big reason why the Municipal Corporation is not able to get a better place in sanitation is that the authorities pay special attention to events like Mushaira, painting.
And forget the field. The task of keeping the toilet clean is only when the teams arrive. In such a situation, when the team members take information from the common urban, then they open the whole pole and this is where our numbers are cut.

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