Ratlam News in Hindi: Pharma company employee threatens to kill nurse with pistol bullets | Pharma company employee threatens to kill nurse with pistol bullets

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mandsaur Pharma company employee who rushed to the district hospital to treat a woman on Tuesday morning disputed the staff nurse. During this time, the employee of the pharma company also threatened to shoot the staff nurse by showing pistol bullets. The nurse has made a complaint in Civil Surgeon and City Kotwali. On receiving the information, the concerned woman's family reached the hospital and apologized to the nurse. Here, the employee in the case admitted the mistake of losing his cool due to the family not getting treatment.

The nurse posted in the district hospital applied for the Civil Surgeon and City Kotwali. It told that at 5.30 am on Tuesday morning, Sampatbai, a resident of Ramtekari, brought her husband Bhanwar Singh to the district hospital due to difficulty in breathing. Treatment started here but referred him after seeing the situation. During this time, the nephew of the woman Devendra, who was claiming to be an administrative officer, insisted on taking the oxygen cylinder to another hospital. Due to not being able to do so as per rules, he took out pistol bullets from the pocket and threatened to take six bullets into the gun. Devendra is said to be the regional manager at Alkem Lab Ltd Pharma Company, Indore. However, the matter has not yet been resolved. Devendra said that he had gone to several hospitals for treatment. Because of this, some temper was lost. He is currently in Indore, will apologize to the nurse after returning from there.

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