Jabalpur News in Hindi: 1.21 crore tap-water scheme could not be started in two years | 1.21 crore tap-water scheme could not be started in two years

  • Case of Dhamdha village of Hridayanagar Panchayat, villagers getting worried for water

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Jabalpur. District Panchayat Sihora's Gram Panchayat in Dharmadha village of Hriday Nagar, the work of Naljal scheme started two years ago is yet to be completed. The villagers are upset with the slow pace of construction. The condition is that in the scorching heat, people are having trouble for water. According to the information, the Public Health Engineering Department had approved the tap water scheme in the village Dhamdha at a cost of one crore 21 lakh in the year 2018. The plan included construction of water tank, boring and expansion of pipeline in the three wards of the village concerned. The contractor started work on August 2018, but due to the slow pace of construction work and ignoring departmental officials, the work has not been completed till May 2020 i.e. even after 21 months. So far only water tank, boring and pipeline have been laid. No one is given null connections. Villagers say that the work was to be completed by August 2019, even after that the work is still incomplete.
People of three wards rely on only two hand pumps
Komal Chaudhary, Bedilal Chaudhary, Naveen Singh Kshatriya, Sheikh Haroon, Monu Kori, Sheikh Akhtar, Ramkesh Gadhari said that the people of the village are getting worried for drinking water during the summer season. There are two hand pumps installed in the village, but its water is not drinkable. In such a situation, residents of ward number 16, 17 and 18 have to worry about drinking water. Sarpanch Ganesh Rai said that he had complained to Sihora Tehsildar Neeta Kori about the slow pace of the work of Nal-Jal scheme. Despite this, the carp has not been completed yet.
Water scarcity in these villages also As soon as the heat of the summer starts, water crisis is on in Kachpura, Ghughri, Dhorakoni, Kachpura, Jujhari, Kibalari, Dharampura, Dhamdha, Sharma Colony, Kevalari, Shankar Colony including Gosalpur. The condition is that one is filling water from the tubewells of the fields, while some is buying water from the private tubewells. Fighting and fights are also coming up in many places due to water scarcity.
They say – the work of the Naljal scheme has not been completed, information was received about it. It has been sent to higher officials. Soon the work of Naljal Yojana will be started in the village, so that villagers can get water. Yajuvendra Corey, CEO Janpad Panchay Sihora

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