Ujjain News in Hindi: If the administration could not set the criteria, the patience of the traders was broken, shops opened | If the administration could not set the criteria, the patience of the traders was broken, shops opened

  • The traders waited for the order of administration for two days between 18 and 19, yet the situation could not be clear.

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 05:18 AM IST

Shajapur. After Lockdown-3 was over on May 17, the administration could not set the criteria for Lockdown-4 until two days later. While waiting for the decision of the administration, the patience of traders broke on Wednesday. He decided from his own level and opened shops. On the first day, however, the subscription at the stores remained negligible. Only a few customers reached the shops.
Most of the traders were preparing to open shops since May 18, but the administration could neither fix the time nor set shops to open the shops. In such a situation, traders waited for the administration till 18 and 19 May. Even after this, no decision could be taken from the local level, on Wednesday, the traders started opening shops from their own level. One by one all the shops have consumed the shops. The situation was that at 11 am, shops opened from the new road from Somaria, Azad Chowk to the footpath. Here, the administration received information about the opening of the market, then collector Dr. Virendra Singh Rawat and SP Pankaj Srivastava also ventured out into the market. Descending the major routes, he advised people to follow the social distancing and apply the mask.
The traders decided according to the announcement
On the night of 18 May, CM announced the waiver in the Orange and Green zones. Taking the same as the basis, the traders opened shops from their own level instead of waiting for the order of the administration. Here, due to reduced crowd on the first day, there was no problem of social distance. Most people came out wearing masks. The most worrying situation is in front of banks. Here still the officials could not even make a plan to maintain social distance.
Evening Warning: Officers reach market, but traders have already closed shops
The traders, who opened shops throughout the day, voluntarily closed their shops at 7 pm. During this period, the administration came into action as soon as the restrictive order under section 144 came into force from 7 pm. Administrative officials reached Amla Market with full staff. During this period, the authorities also warned the citizens to pay a fine on leaving the house without wearing a mask.
Market conditions: shops open, but subscriptions low, market moves
Kasera Bazar also opened up completely. All the traders opened shops and decorated goods and utensils. There was also movement of customers. The merchants here wore masks as per the official guide line and also got masks from the customers who arrived here. Get everyone's hands cleaned with sanitizer before showing the goods. Merchant Umesh Kasera said that the subscription was less than the first day.
Mice gave the shop goods
Naresh Motwani, a home furnishings dealer located on the new road, lifted the shutter of the shop and saw that a lot of things inside the mice spoiled him. From the decorative garlands kept in the shop to the angles of the mehndi, hair dye and other items, the kutras spread across the shops.
Textile market opened, but no customers
Looking at other traders, textile traders also opened their shops from Wednesday. On the first day, however, there was almost no subscription to the textile shops. Trader Bunty Jain said that if the traders were not aware of opening the shop, then from where would the common people get it. We also opened shop after seeing other traders. But not a single customer came till noon.
Vegetable carts in front of hotels
Lockdown-4 also has restrictions on hotels, sweets, hair salons, marriage gardens etc. These shops will not open yet. In such a situation, the hotel merchants did not open their shops on Wednesday. In such a situation, this vegetable and fruit traders put their hands in front of the closed hotels of the bus stand premises. All day traders traded from here.

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