Gwalior News in Hindi: Dadda started to make earthly Shivling for the welfare of the country: Sharma | Dadda had started making the mortal Shivling for the welfare of the country: Sharma

  • Homage paid to the householder saint at Mahakaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 05:44 AM IST

Bhind The Dadda Shishya Mandal family organized a tribute meeting in the Mahakaleshwar Mahadev temple complex. On this occasion, the members of the Mandal remembered the householder Saint Devaprabhakar Shastri Daddaji. Kamalkishore Sharma alias Khera, a senior member of the Mandal, was specially present on the occasion.
Paying tribute to Dadaji, Kamalkishore Sharma said that spiritual guru and homemaker saint Pandit Devprabhakar Shastri Dadda ji started building the mortal Shivling for the welfare of the country from 1980. After this, he gave this work the form of a campaign. The earthly Shivling was constructed by him throughout the country. He also led a Shivling expedition in Bhind city. In this sequence, Advocate Arpit Mudgal said that in his life time, Dadda had organized 132 Parthiv Shiva Linga Nirman and Rudrabhishek Yagya Mahaudra Abhishek. Dadda believed that it is necessary to know the earth for life. He had told in an interview that only when the salt is exposed, the taste of salt can be known. Therefore, to attain God, it is necessary to worship the real form of God, only then it can be experienced. Girraj Singh Bhadoria, Arvind Gupta Raju, Ramveer Parihar, Ganesh Bhardwaj, Ashwani Dandotia, Raman Srivastava, Raju Bhadoria, Akash Sharma, Pawan Shukla Mihona, etc. were present on the occasion.

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