Afghanistan's daughters are saving lives by making ventilators with car and bike parts, there are only 400 ventilators in the whole country | Afghan girls save lives by making ventilators with car and bike parts, only 400 ventilators across the country

  • A ventilator designed from the car's motor and bike chain drive, it will relieve the corona victims suffering from shortness of breath
  • The price of the ventilator in the market is between 22 lakh to 37 lakh rupees, the girls team gets it for 45 thousand rupees. Engaged in providing

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 06:46 AM IST

Daughters of Afghanistan are giving new lives to Corona-infected patients, who are undergoing a double whammy of terrorist attacks and coronaviruses. She is making ventilators for the Corona victims, that too in her own style. Girls who manufacture ventilators from car parts are being called robotics girls gang.

There are two reasons to salute his achievements. First, the ventilators they are making can be made available to everyone at a low cost. Secondly, there are only 400 ventilators in a country with 390 million population. In such a situation, their work is commendable because ventilator trials have also been done.

Famous as 'Afghan Dreamers'
This group of Afghan girls are called 'Afghan Dreamers', in 2017 the US won a special award in international competition. Their goal is to provide maximum ventilators by the end of May at a much lower price from the market. Nahidi Rahimi, a member of the 17-year-old team, says that it is a big thing to save each and every life.

Used Toyota and Honda Parts
Girls in the group are aged between 14 and 17 years. He has used the motor of Toyota Corolla brand car and Honda Motorcycle's chain drive in his ventilator. They say that if a standard ventilator is not available, our built ventilator will provide immediate relief to patients suffering from shortness of breath in emergency.

45 thousand rupees Trying to provide ventilator for less than price
According to Capt. Somaya Farooqui of Girl Gang, I am proud to be a member of this team. The work we are doing is helping our Heroes doctor and nurse. These days the price of ventilator in the market is between 22 lakh to 37 lakh rupees, which most poor countries are not able to buy.

Captain Somaya's gang is trying to make it available for less than 45 thousand rupees.

Picture Sincerely: BBC

Extreme medical system in the country
According to the BBC report, 7,650 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Afghanistan so far and 178 have died. One reason for this is the poor medical system here. At present, the situation in Afghanistan is very bad because this country is very close to Iran, which itself is the epicenter of the epidemic.

First phase of construction completed
Roya Mehboob, the founder of Girl Gang, is also an entrepreneur and has made it to Time magazine's list of 100 inspired people. Roya says that they will be delivered by the end of May to help people. Right now they are 70 percent ready. Air sensors are yet to be installed in them.

According to Roya, the first phase of construction has been completed. There was testing in the hospital a few days ago. The second phase of work is in progress.

It is important to educate women
The literacy rate of women in Afghanistan is 30 percent. In such a situation, this girl gang is changing the thinking of educating girls. Elham Mansuri, another member of the group, says that it is necessary to educate girls from an early age as women also have active participation in our society as citizens.

Afghan government praised the achievement
This initiative of Girl Gang has been highly appreciated by the Afghan government. President Ashraf Ghani is very happy to know about this project and says he asked the officials to give us all possible help.

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