Gwalior News in Hindi: Son wearing PPE kit waited for one and a half hours at 41O temperature, did not lift body, cremated mother with help of electrician and sweeper | Son wearing PPE kit waited for one and a half hours at 41O temperature, corporation workers did not come to lift the dead body with the help of electrician and sweeper

  • As of Wednesday, he shows the real face of the government system.
  • The special thing is that Maya Devi's report came negative in the evening

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:14 AM IST

Gwalior On Laxmiganj Muktidham Wednesday, it shows the real face of the government system. Kareena arrived for the funeral of suspected mother Maya, sons Ramprakash Singh Chauhan and Arjun Singh Chauhan, waiting for the arrival of corporators wearing personal protection suits for one and a half hours in 41 degree temperature. The corporation and the administrative officers kept arguing with each other, but when Kai did not come forward to pick up the body of the mother, the two sons went ahead. Ballu Basade, the sweeper of JAH, brought to his aid, the electrician who operated the electric crematorium and brought the body from Morchery. These thieves took the body to the crematorium and performed the last rites. In fact, a day before, the Collector had ordered that the funeral of the Kareena suspect would be done only as positive, but already the Municipal Corporation shunned this responsibility. The special thing is that Maya Devi's report came negative in the evening.

Dead body reached Muktidham at 12:20 pm, funeral could be done at 1:56 pm, report came negative in the evening

  • While waiting for the corporation workers, Ramprakash Singh took off the PPE kit due to the heat, the younger brother gave him water.
  • Son Ramprakash Singh and Arjun Singh reached the post mortem building at 11:45 am to take the body of Maya Devi. Incident Commander Shivani Pandey gave him a PPE kit. The two sons arrived in Muktidham at 12:20 am with the dead body in an ambulance, but due to no corporation, the body was able to reach the electrical crematorium at 1:56 pm.

Instead of making arrangements, the officials continued to question and answer each other
Incident Commander Shivani Pandey said to Dr. Atibal Singh of the Municipal Corporation, the Nodal Officer of the funeral committee, that when you knew that the dead body was to come for the funeral, then why not make arrangements earlier? Hearing this, Dr. Atibal Singh asked the jurisdictional Rawat to make arrangements for the sweepers. Ravot said that the committee people, not the municipal corporation, work in the crematorium and they are not getting ready to do this work. In such a situation, you wear a PPE kit and I wear a kit. Together they help in lifting the body. Hearing this, Atibal Singh remained silent. JAH's sweeper said – Six thousand rupees are found, even with postmortem, this work has to be done.

Son's pain: Mummy had a hernia, if she had a corona, why did the body be lifted from us?

We are from Vanagwan in Mainpuri district. My mother Maya Devi (60) had trouble with hernia. I showed it at the Trauma Center in Firozabad where all reports came out normal. The trauma center was closed due to the lockdown so we showed the mother to a doctor in Bhind for treatment. The doctor said that the mother was okay. Operation will not be possible here, bring it to Gwalior. Admitted him to JAH on Tuesday afternoon at 12 noon. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the doctors said that if we had to undergo a corona test, we agreed. At 6 pm, the mother does not know what happened that she ended up speaking. He had taken just one blow. Officials did not hand over the body to us, saying they suspected that the mother had a corona. He said that you do not have to touch, we will make all the arrangements, but in Muktidham, a sweeper of the hospital and both of us brothers kept the dead bodies in the machine. No officer and labor came to help. When my mother wanted to touch me, why did she let me touch her and then took the body from us? -As Ramprakash Singh told Bhaskar.

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