Indore News in Hindi: Fifty five million was to be recovered, accumulated only 13 lakh 25 thousand rupees. Fifty five million was to be recovered, accumulated only 13 lakh 25 thousand rupees

  • Unable to recover electricity bills in lockdown, people less interested in online bill submission

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:12 AM IST

Ranapur. The lockdown has also had a major impact on the recovery of the power company. So far, only 13 lakh 25 thousand rupees have been deposited in the month of May as compared to fifty five million rupees. 275 people have come online and 175 people have come and filled the office. The electricity company is trying to boost the electricity bill online, but most people are not interested in it.

JE Mukesh Parmar of Electricity Department said that in February, the department had received 54 lakh 55 thousand rupees from 5562 consumers. Of these, 2319 deposited online payment. They got 21 lakh 83 thousand rupees. While coming to the office, 2243 people deposited 32 lakh 72 thousand rupees. Talking about May, the department has received only 13 lakh 25 thousand rupees. In this, 275 consumers online, Rs 4 lakh 50 thousand and 175 came to the office and deposited Rs 8 lakh 15 thousand. This is only 25 percent of the amount recovered in February.

March was fine, less than 1.5 million in April
JE Parmar stated that the department had a good time before the lockdown. The department received 44 lakh one thousand rupees from 3770 consumers in March. In this, 1604 consumers paid 15 lakh 85 thousand rupees online. 2166 consumers came to the office and deposited Rs 28 lakh 16 thousand. April came out in full lockdown. The impact was also on the recovery of electricity bills. The electricity company could get only 14 lakh 89 thousand rupees from 621 consumers.

Trouble … not getting online payment
The electricity company provided convenience to customers for online payment but most of the villagers in rural areas could not use it. They have more faith in the receipt received by sealing the seal from the office. Instead of going to MP online and paying, they prefer to come to office and pay more.

Mukesh Parmar, junior engineer electricity company Ranapur said- Promoting online payment
Consumers are being advised to promote online payment. Linemen are being sent from house to house to collect the money for the recovery of outstanding bills.

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