Gwalior News in Hindi: Market and warehouse on the first floor of residential buildings, no fire prevention arrangements | Market and warehouse on the first floor of residential buildings, no fire prevention arrangements

  • Administration is not taking lessons from fire incident in Gwalior

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:43 AM IST

Morena. In the buildings of Mandi Outer No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Main MS Marg in the city, families live in most places on the godowns and market-operated and 2-3-storey buildings above, but neither in the warehouses nor the houses. There are no security arrangements for the fire incident. Administration is also unaware of this. While most of the shopkeepers in these godowns and markets also keep flammable materials. Nagar Sabalgarh has a population of around fifty thousand, with 18 wards. About twenty thousand people reside on Mandi Santar No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Main MS Marg, due to which this area is very densely populated. There are 8-10 shops and godowns in this market, in which there are no fire fighting and security arrangements. In these shops and godowns, some landlords own shop and many are renting. While tenants reside elsewhere. Due to the operation of shop and warehouse on the first floor, most of the families live on 2-3 storey buildings. There are no security arrangements even in these houses. Colonies adjoining Mandi oranges are also operated in more than 12 markets, including shops in Adarsh ​​Colony, Fatechand Colony, Jagannath Colony, Kund Road, Cinema Galli, Hanuman Bajaria, Kharanala Road, Rani Kuan Road, Ramprasad Colony, Dharmapuri Gali etc.
Fire brigade fire extinguishing capacity up to two floors: There are about 7000 buildings in the city, most of which are 3-4 storey buildings. Whereas the fire brigade present in the municipality has the capacity to extinguish the fire to only 2 floors. While it is a water fire brigade and not a foam fire brigade. If a flammable material ignites, a foam fire brigade is required.
Safety of family along with business is also necessary: ​​Basant Bansal MP representative and businessman told that a heartbreaking incident has taken place in the family of businessman of Gwalior, from which the administration, administration and businessmen should learn the lesson that along with business itself, their families Arrangements for the protection of life are also necessary. For this, the residential zones should be removed from the trading zones from the mandi oranges to new ones. Mandi oranges were settled for trading activities. But for 60 years business as well as living has been used, due to which event can happen anytime. But the traders are unaware of this. Therefore, many traders have put up security arrangements in the business premises and have installed fire extinguishers.

Has instructed the CMO
According to Ankita Dhakre, SDM and Administrator Napa Sabalgarh, due to the huge fire incident in Gwalior, CMO is being directed in Sabalgarh to check shops and warehouses where flammable materials are sold and two storeys Families reside on the building, which have security arrangements. Necessary action will be taken by giving them information.

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