Bhopal News In Hindi: On the third day of marriage, the bride turned out positive, 32 quarantines including the groom | On the third day of marriage the bride turned out to be positive, 32 quarantines including the groom; A two-year-old girl won the battle against Corona in Dewas

  • The girl is admitted to AIIMS, she had fever seven days ago
  • The family called the girl and told that the report has come positive

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:58 AM IST

Bhopal. Corona is confirmed on the third day of marriage in a young woman from Jatkheri. After this, 32 people of the family, including the groom, a resident of Mandideep, have been quarantined. The girl is admitted in AIIMS. She was married to a young man resident of Satlapur on Monday. The woman said that she had fever seven days ago. He got comfort by taking medicine from the neighboring doctor. However, the parents gave their sample for examination on Saturday. She got married on Monday. On Wednesday, family members called him and told him that the report had come positive. Dr. Arvind Singh Chauhan, Aubedullaganj BMO said that samples of some family members have been taken.

39 new positives in Bhopal, 61 new in Ujjain

On Wednesday, 39 new corona patients were found in Bhopal. Of these 7 are from Jatkheri region, including one year old child. Now the number of positive patients has increased to 12. At the same time, 61 new patients were found in Ujjain, while one died. 22 patients were found in Khandwa, 12 in Burhanpur.

Indore: Corona in 62 new areas in ten days
Corona patients have been found in about 62 new areas in the last ten days. That is, the spread of the disease is also happening in new areas. After the lockdown, it was believed that new cases would not come out now, but after two months, cases are being received. The special thing is that these new cases are being found in new areas. Patients have been found in areas like Ganga Nagar, Pancham ki Fail, Loha Gate, Lalbagh Gate, Yashwant Nagar, BSNL Office Nehru Nagar, New Palasia, Paganis Paga etc. At the same time, there are 145 areas of the city which have remained stable in the last three weeks. Here the number of patients has neither decreased nor increased. If the lockdown is strictly done, then we can definitely expect this area to be declared as container free. However, the arrival of new positive patients is still going on. On Wednesday, 59 new cases were reported. An investigation of 644 samples found 581 negatives. Two patients also died.

10 patients recover, from 2-year-old girl to 70-year-old elderly defeated Kareena

At the same time, in Dewas, in a single day, 10 lags are fine and bring your clocks. These included a 2-year-old girl and an elderly 70-year-old. This is the first time so many patients are returning home in a single day. The 2-year-old girl is named Delisha. All ten patients were welcomed by doctors wearing flowers and winning the battle against Corona. Officers and employees waved him off. Hospital chairman Mayankraj Singh Bhadauria expressed his gratitude.

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