Gwalior News in Hindi: Samples of 3 Corona suspects now awaiting report of 15 | Samples of 3 Corona suspects now awaiting report of 15

  • Isolate carried samples of suspected patients in cold OPD of District Hospital

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 07:51 AM IST

Sheopur The doctor took samples of three patients who had arrived at the cold OPD at the district hospital as corona suspects. They have also been admitted to isolation. With this, now there is waiting for the corona sample report of 15 people. Which includes three officers.
Of the patients who arrived at the cold OPD on Wednesday, three patients were found corona suspects, whose samples were taken. He was admitted to isolation ward. After which now the number of patients admitted in isolation ward has reached 86. With this, the number of remaining reports of Corona samples has now risen to 15. Whose report is awaited. These include a data entry operator including three officers. Here two samples are being taken by the Health Department, one of the people reaching the cold OPD daily. So far, 465 corona samples have been taken here. Of which 426 reports have been negative, 19 samples have been rejected and 4 positive. The above four patients are now healthy and no corona patient has arrived in the district in the last 35 days. Due to which relief remains here.

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